Justin Kuepper

Justin Kuepper has many years of experience in the market as an active trader and a personal retirement accounts manager. He spent a few years independently building and managing financial portals before obtaining his current position with Accelerized New Media, owner of SECFilings.com, ExecutiveDisclosure.com and other popular financial portals. Kuepper continues to write on a freelance basis, covering both finance and technology topics.

  1. Chart Strategy

    Where Is Cigna Stock Headed After Express Scripts Buyout?

    Cigna shares moved sharply lower after the company announced a deal to buy Express Scripts, but traders will be watching ...
  2. Chart Strategy

    Net Element Stock Breaks Out After Najarian Joins Board

    Net Element shares moved sharply higher after CNBC host Jon Najarian joined the board, but traders will be watching these ...
  3. Financial Analysis

    Evaluating Executive Compensation

    Learn about the different types of CEO compensation, where you can find this information, and how it can affect your investments. ...
  4. FA Relevant

    Index Universal Life vs. Whole Life Insurance: How They Compare

    Consumers have choices when it comes to life insurance. Knowing your future needs for cash or retirement can make the difference ...
  5. Chart Strategy

    Micron Stock Breaks Out but Could See Near-Term Consolidation

    Micron Technology shares hit multi-year highs in recent sessions, but traders will be watching these key areas of support ...
  6. Chart Strategy

    Netflix Stock May See Consolidation After Breaking $300

    Netflix shares moved sharply higher over the past several days, but traders will be watching these key levels ahead.
  7. Trading Strategy

    Basics Of Trading Systems

    A trading system can save time and take the emotion out of trading, but adopting one takes skill and resources - learn more ...
  8. Chart Strategy

    Twilio Stock Breaks Out From Reaction Highs

    Twilio shares extended their rally dating back to early February with a breakout, but traders will be watching these key ...
  9. Chart Strategy

    Stocks Plummet Amid Fears of a Trade War

    The major U.S. indexes declined sharply this week in response to plans to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.
  10. Chart Strategy

    Gold ETFs Could Find Support Amid Rising Uncertainty

    The move to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum could provide support for gold prices as a safe-haven asset as uncertainty ...
  11. Chart Strategy

    Cronos Group Stock Moves to Retest Prior Highs

    Cronos Group shares moved sharply higher this week after the stock up-listed to the NASDAQ, but traders will be watching ...
  12. Trading Strategy

    Advanced Channel Patterns: Wolfe Waves & Gartleys

    Discover how these provide the trader with insight into both the timing and scope of breakouts.
  13. Chart Strategy

    Weight Watchers Stock Extends Impressive Rally

    Weight Watchers shares broke out following positive Q4 earnings, but traders will be watching these key levels ahead.
  14. Commodities

    Timing trades with the commodity channel index

    We introduce how to use the Commodity Channel Index, an oscillator that identifies cyclical trends, to determine buy and ...
  15. Trading Strategy

    Playing the Gap

    Learn how you can earn money by analyzing the disruptions in normal price patterns.