Rebecca McClay

Rebecca McClay is a financial journalist who has covered stock market trends for publications like MarketWatch, Bloomberg and TheStreet. She has written and edited for real-time news feeds as well as for several financial services institutions, covering a variety of personal finance and investing news.

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  1. Company Insights

    What Makes Apple So Valuable?

    Apple seems to have secured its spot as the most valuable company in the world. Here's what's driving its growth.
  2. Investing

    3 Top Quality Stocks

    Investors define quality stocks as those that offer more reliability and less risk.
  3. Stocks

    The History Behind Kraft Heinz Co.

    Kraft Heinz Co. has a decades-long history of building its brand portfolio through acquisitions.
  4. Investing

    4 Top Low Volatility Stocks for 2018

    Stocks with lower volatility offer less risk for conservative investors.
  5. Financial Technology

    How to Micro-Invest with Acorns

    Acorns automatic savings feature can funnel money into an investment account.
  6. Personal Finance

    How to Use Mint: Budget Simply

    Mint's simplicity has drawn more than 1 million users to learn from its array of personal finance tools. Here are some tips ...
  7. Stocks

    Best Sectors to Sell Short in 2017

    Retail and energy are among the sectors to sell short in this bull market.
  8. Company Insights

    Goldman Sachs Vs. Morgan Stanley: Comparing Business Models

    Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have distinct ways of doing business, with one focusing on high rewards and the other on ...
  9. Company Insights

    10 Companies Owned by Alibaba

    Rapidly growing online retailer Alibaba Group has a wide array of dominant companies under its umbrella.
  10. International / Global

    Largest Shareholders of GlaxoSmithKline

    GlaxoSmithKline is trying to appease shareholders with meaty dividends.
  11. International / Global

    UK Companies with the Best Shareholder Perks

    These four British companies offer shareholders healthy side benefits like discounts on purchases.
  12. Investing Strategy

    How the Oil and Gas Industry Works

    The oil and gas industry has unique terminology that's crucial for investors to understand.
  13. Alternative Investments

    The Benefits of Master Limited Partnerships

    Master Limited Partnerships offer tax benefits while also providing liquidity, but they can be complicated.
  14. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Best Credit Cards For International Students

    International students studying in the U.S. can establish credit history and get a locally issued credit card.
  15. ETFs

    The Best ETFs for the Shanghai Composite Index

    Foreign investors have several ways to tap into China's booming economy via exchange traded funds.
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