Rebecca McClay

Rebecca McClay is a financial journalist who has covered stock market trends for publications like MarketWatch, Bloomberg and TheStreet. She has written and edited for real-time news feeds as well as for several financial services institutions, covering a variety of personal finance and investing news.

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  1. Stocks

    Texas Instruments CEO Resigns

    Texas Instruments CEO Brian Crutcher is the latest CEO of a major company to resign after conflicts with company policy.
  2. Investing

    Macquarie: High Valuation Limits Twitter Upside

    Macquarie Research steps back from its bullish outlook on Twitter after the stock's recent rally.
  3. Stocks

    Wall Street Reacts to Netflix Numbers as Shares Slide

    Netflix's latest subscriber numbers fell short of expectations, and now Wall Street's reaction is mixed.
  4. Stocks

    UBS Changes Its Views on UPS, FedEx

    Delivery services like UPS and FedEx are faced with numerous challenges amid booming demand.
  5. Stocks

    Twitter Has a 25% Upside: Goldman Sachs

    The Street is divided over the fate of Twitter's high-flying stock.
  6. Stocks

    Nomura Instinet Sees Overhyped Twitter Falling 30%

    Twitter stock is on a rip, but Nomura Instinet expects the rally to end with next year's earnings.
  7. Stocks

    Nvidia in Self-Driving Deal with Daimler, Bosch

    Nvidia's chips will be crucial to Daimler's newly announced autonomous driving initiative.
  8. Stocks

    Tesla Plans Production Facility in China

    Tesla has reportedly signed memorandums of understanding with Chinese officials.
  9. Stocks

    Apple Music Snags US Market Share From Spotify

    Apple is showing it can drive users from its iPhone devices to its music-streaming services.
  10. Stocks

    M&A Deals in Consumer Goods Hit 15-Year High

    Big consumer goods companies are increasingly relying on buying their sales growth.
  11. Stocks

    Oppenheimer Sees 15% Upside for Roku

    Roku's new channel is giving it a competitive edge against streaming giants like Netflix.
  12. Stocks

    Baird Gets Even More Bullish on Netflix

    Netflix is expected to report solid subscriber growth thanks to its latest original content.
  13. Stocks

    GE's Debt Reduction Unlocks Value: Oppenheimer

    GE's latest moves have put it on the right course, say Oppenheimer analysts.
  14. Investing

    Bank of America Sees More Upside for Netflix

    Netflix has become a dominant player in the media sector, and Bank of America expects the company's reach to expand.
  15. Investing

    Intel's Interim CEO Doesn't Want the Permanent Job

    Intel is challenged with finding a replacement for its latest CEO, who resigned following a relationship that violated company ...
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