Daniel Liberto

Daniel Liberto

Daniel Liberto is a freelance journalist based in Italy. Prior to going freelance he lived for several years in London, writing about equity markets and personal finance for various publications across the Financial Times. He has a masters degree in journalism, an impressive stockpicking resume and is very passionate about all things investment-related.

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  1. Investing

    Google's YouTube to Launch New Music Service on Tuesday

    The new service will cost $9.99 per month and eventually replace Google Play Music.
  2. Investing

    Kroger Bets on Robots With Ocado Deal

    The British grocer’s technology automates the processing and packing of online orders.
  3. Investing

    Buffett Buys More Apple and Teva Shares, Dumps IBM

    Berkshire Hathaway doubles its stake in Teva, becomes Apple’s second-largest shareholder and exits its positions in IBM and ...
  4. Investing

    Amazon Prime Members to Receive 10% Off Whole Foods Sale Items

    Amazon appears willing to forego profits once again — this time to win the grocery price war.
  5. Investing

    George Soros Takes $35 Million Stake in Tesla Bonds, Buys Amazon, Netflix Shares

    The famous investor bought his stake when investors were betting heavily against Tesla bonds.
  6. Investing

    Amazon's New Ad Tool Threatens Google, Criteo: Report

    The online retailer’s new offering threatens to disrupt the current advertising market hierarchy.
  7. Investing

    Tesla Driver in Utah Crash Says Autopilot Was Engaged

    Tesla’s Autopilot technology has been linked to several crashes in recent months.
  8. Investing

    Apple CEO Tim Cook Aims Jabs at Google, Facebook

    During a speech at Duke University, Cook took another dig at internet companies that make money from personal customer information. ...
  9. Company Insights

    Google's Waymo Poaches Tesla's Safety Head

    Matthew Schwall, Tesla’s main technical contact with U.S. safety investigators, becomes the latest top executive to leave ...
  10. Investing

    Amazon Halted Google Shopping Ads in April

    Amazon is keen to expand its own digital marketing offering and has shared a rocky relationship with Google.
  11. Investing

    Alphabet May Join Forces With Walmart to Take on Amazon in India

    Insider sources say that Google parent company Alphabet is keen to invest in Flipkart alongside Walmart.
  12. Stocks

    Apple May Adopt Amazon's Strategy With New TV App Plan

    The iPhone maker’s TV app plan is designed to boost its fast-growing services business amid weakening iPhone sales.
  13. Stocks

    Alcohol, Tobacco and Pharma Investing in Pot as Hedge: Moody's

    Beer, tobacco and pharmaceutical companies have a lot to lose if support to legalize pot across the nation continues to gain ...
  14. Stocks

    Qualcomm's $10B Share Buyback Plan Boosts Stock

    The chipmaker likely hopes its latest stock buyback program will help it to win over frustrated investors.
  15. Investing

    Comcast Lining Up Funds to Bid for Fox: Report

    The cable operator is attempting to outbid Disney’s initial offer of $52 billion for Fox’s media assets.
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