Daniel Liberto

Daniel Liberto

  • • 10+ years experience as a journalist, writing news, comment and deeper analysis features for a variety of prestigious, highly influential publications.
  • • Expert knowledge of corporate finance and stock-picking.
  • • Skilled producer of videos and podcasts.


Daniel is a highly regarded journalist with a decade of experience writing news, comment and deeper analysis features. He started out writing a blog and various articles on a freelance basis for different U.K. news organizations. A few years later, the Financial Times awarded him with a bursary to study a masters in journalism.

Following the completion of his course, Daniel started working for the FT in its London office. At first, he reported on issues affecting financial advisors, including investments, pensions, insurance, mortgages, small business finance and regulation. Several promotions later, he specialized in quoted companies, writing news, features, blogs, comment pieces and stock tips on UK, US and European equities, as well as producing video content and podcasts.

Just over two years ago, Daniel decided to move away from London. Since then, he has continued to write for his old employers on a freelance basis, together with several other publications, both at home and abroad.

Daniel takes great pride in informing the public and shepherding investors through volatile financial markets. He spends hours each day studying global structural drivers, valuations and the financial health of companies across a range of different sectors.


Daniel received his Master’s degree in journalism at the London College of Communication (funded by the Financial Times) and his Bachelor’s degree in film at the University of Kent.

Quote from Daniel

"I am a passionate journalist who takes great pride in accurately informing the public about issues that concern it. For me, it is important to always keep on top of my area of specialization and translate complicated information into easily digestible copy that is understandable to both expert and novice investors."

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  1. Investing

    Europe's First Marijuana IPO Planned for Next Month

    StenoCare hopes to build a production facility with the funds received in the share issue.
  2. Investing

    Tesla Loses Yet Another Senior Exec: Report

    Liam O’Connor, vice president of global supply management, has reportedly left the company more than three years after joining ...
  3. Company Insights

    Why Apple Is Selling Its High-End Phones First

    Staggered releases gives the company a month to sell higher-end models before cheaper models are introduced and makes life ...
  4. Investing

    5 Marijuana Stock Picks: Cowen

    Cowen's Vivien Azer said a Democratic midterm election win would be better for the sector, but added that the Republican ...
  5. Stocks

    Tesla Could Raise $2.5B in Q4: Morgan Stanley

    CEO Elon Musk has repeatedly stressed that another capital injection isn’t necessary.
  6. Investing

    Tilray May Reach $100B Valuation, Says CEO

    Brendan Kennedy added that alcohol and pharma companies would be fools not to invest in the cannabis sector.
  7. Investing

    Microsoft's New AI-Backed Services Threaten Salesforce

    The new tools are meant to help businesses to improve their customer service, marketing and manufacturing processes.
  8. Investing

    Marijuana Short Sellers Have Lost $626M Since August: Report

    Betting against cannabis stocks is becoming an increasingly expensive occupation.
  9. Investing

    Netflix Draws With HBO, Amazon Sweeps Comedy at Emmys

    Netflix became the first streaming service to claim top honors at the Emmys, while Amazon became the first to win best comedy.
  10. Investing

    Amazon to Launch 8 New Alexa-Powered Devices: Report

    The online retailer’s new devices focus on cars and homes, places where people generally spend a lot of time.
  11. Investing

    Saudi Fund Investing $1B in Tesla Rival Lucid Motors

    The sovereign wealth fund Elon Musk said pledged to help him take Tesla private is investing in rival firm Lucid.
  12. Investing

    Amazon Probing Reports of Employees Taking Bribes

    Some Amazon employees reportedly offer several services to merchants, including the option to delete negative reviews and ...
  13. Investing

    Tesla to Do Collision Repairs In-House

    Tesla’s CEO plans to bring most collision repairs in-house because third-party body shops are making customers wait too long.
  14. Investing

    Jeff Bezos: There Are Things Only Big Companies Can Do

    The CEO discussed antitrust concerns and other Amazon-related topics at an event in Washington D.C.
  15. Insights

    SpaceX Has Signed Its First Passenger to Fly Around the Moon

    It is unclear whether the BFR voyage has any connection to SpaceX’s previous pledge in 2017 to send two tourists to the moon.
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