Daniel Liberto

Daniel Liberto

Daniel Liberto is a freelance journalist based in Italy. Prior to going freelance he lived for several years in London, writing about equity markets and personal finance for various publications across the Financial Times. He has a masters degree in journalism, an impressive stockpicking resume and is very passionate about all things investment-related.

  1. Laws & Regulations

    Senators Want More Scrutiny of US Food Takeovers (MON, SEB)

    Senators draft a bill calling for closer scrutiny of foreign U.S. food takeovers after investments from China hit record ...
  2. Investing

    Manufacturing Giants Back US Tax Reforms (BA, GE)

    The nation’s largest aerospace and defense companies sent a letter to congressional leaders backing controversial plans to ...
  3. Stocks

    Industrials Hire Record Number of New Staff (GE, CAT)

    A rapid increase in industrial sector recruitment last month offers promising signs for the U.S. economy.
  4. International / Global

    European NATO Members Increase Defense Spending (LMT, RTN)

    European NATO members increased defense spending for the first time since 2009 last year but still fell short of President ...
  5. Stocks

    China Contemplates Easing Electric Car Quotas (TSLA, GM)

    Electric vehicle makers ask the Chinese government for more leeway after the withdrawal of subsidies caused sales to plummet.
  6. Stocks

    New York City sues Verizon (VZ)

    A lawsuit claims Verizon broke a promise made in 2008 to supply its fiber-optic cable network to every household in the city. ...
  7. Trading

    Cobalt Scarcity Risks Hurting Electric Auto Makers (TSLA, JCI)

    The plummeting availability of cobalt, which is used to power lithium-ion batteries, represents a major challenge for electric ...
  8. Stocks

    The Aerospace Industry Supercycle Is Losing Altitude (BA, GE)

    Sluggish economic growth, low oil prices, dollar strength and higher interest rate together suggest the aerospace supercycle ...
  9. Investing Strategy

    Prison Stocks Boosted by Justice Dept. Reversal of Scale Back (CXW, GEO)

    The DOJ’s reversal of the decision to scale back private prisons represents good news for prison stocks.
  10. Investing

    Banks Bag Coveted Saudi Aramco IPO Roles (JPM, MS)

    JPMorgan Chase (JPM) and Morgan Stanley (MS) land lucrative roles as lead underwriters on the world’s biggest IPO.
  11. Politics & Money

    Far-Right Populism Spreads to the Netherlands

    The success of far-right campaign pledges in the Netherlands offer another reminder of the growing popularity of protectionism ...
  12. Politics & Money

    Automakers Ask New EPA Chief for Leniency (GM, F)

    Automakers seek to capitalize on President Trump’s indifference to fuel efficiency by asking the EPA’s new chief to overturn ...
  13. International / Global

    Support for Euroskeptic Le Pen Grows in France

    Polls show that France’s far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen stock continues to rise after her two closest challengers ...
  14. Insights

    Auto Delinquency Rates Near 2008 Highs (F, KMX)

    Auto delinquency rates edge close to the peak reached during the height of the financial crisis, fueling speculation that ...
  15. Investing Strategy

    Ford Outmaneuvers GM in Europe (F, GM)

    Ford wins bragging rights over its bitter rival General Motors after making a success out of its European business.