Wayne Pinsent

Wayne Pinsent

  • • 10+ years as an investment professional
  • • Has written numerous articles on topics including Credit Default Swaps, investment risks, and equity analysis
  • • CFA charterholder, and currently has his Series 7, 24, 66, and 86/87 licenses


Wayne Pinsent has many years under his belt as a respected investment professional. He has written numerous articles on topics including Credit Default Swaps, investment risks, and equity analysis. He is a CFA charterholder, and he currently has his Series 7, 24, 66, and 86/87 licenses. His first finance job was an internship with Gabelli & Company, Inc., where he assisted senior research analysts on various projects, gathering economic and company specific research. He built models to project future earnings and value publicly traded-companies.


Wayne earned his Master's Degree in Economics from New York University, in 2008.

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