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  1. Insurance

    World Insurance

    World insurance is a commercial liability policy that provides extended global coverage in the event the policyholder is ...
  2. Insurance

    Yacht Insurance

    Yacht insurance is an insurance policy that provides indemnity liability coverage on pleasure boats.
  3. Financial Analysis

    Accounting-Based Incentive

    An accounting-based incentive is designed to compensate corporate executives based on performance measures such as earnings ...
  4. Financial Analysis

    Group Depreciation

    Group depreciation combines similar fixed assets into a pool with a common cost base for calculating depreciation on financial ...
  5. Financial Analysis

    Bona Fide Error

    Bona fide error is a legal term referring to an unintentional mistake or oversight that may be corrected promptly to avoid ...
  6. Financial Analysis

    Caveat Subscriptor

    Caveat subscriptor is a Latin term used in trading to mean "let the seller beware" and in legal language to refer to the ...
  7. Taxes

    Revenue Act Of 1862

    The Revenue Act of 1862 was passed by Congress to fund the Union in the American Civil War and created the Bureau of Internal ...
  8. Financial Analysis

    After-Market Performance

    After-market performance is the variation in price level of a newly issued stock during a period after its initial public ...
  9. Financial Analysis

    Collateral Source Rule

    The collateral source rule prevents the reduction of damages awarded to a plaintiff for injury, illness or disability covered ...
  10. Insurance

    Cleanup Fund

    A cleanup fund is an insurance term referring to the final expenses associated with an individual after his/her death.
  11. Investing Strategy


    A member is a brokerage firm (or broker) holding membership on an organized stock or commodities exchange.
  12. Insurance

    Uninsured Certificate Of Deposit

    An Uninsured Certificate Of Deposit is a CD which is not insured against losses.
  13. Insurance


    A Coinsurer is one of the parties that provides additional insurance to the same person or policy.
  14. Insurance

    Associate In Insurance Accounting And Finance - AIAF

    Associate In Insurance Accounting And Finance - AIAF - is a professional designation program for preparing financial statements ...
  15. Insurance

    Valuation Mortality Table

    Valuation Mortality Table is a statistical chart used by insurers to calculate the statutory reserve and cash surrender values ...
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