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  1. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Extension Risk

    Extension risk is the risk that borrowers will defer prepayments due to market conditions.
  2. Forex & Currencies

    Federal Funds Rate

    The federal funds rate is the interest rate at which a depository institution lends funds maintained at the Federal Reserve ...
  3. Investing Strategy

    Pros And Cons Of Offshore Investing

    Tax loopholes for investing abroad are shrinking, but there are still plenty of viable prospects. Get the big picture.
  4. Investing Strategy

    Why Dividends Matter

    Seven words that are music to investors' ears? "The dividend check is in the mail."
  5. Investing Strategy

    Beta: Gauging Price Fluctuations

    Learn how to properly use this measure that can help you meet your criteria for risk.
  6. Trading Instruments

    Flexible Exchange Option - FLEX

    Flexible exchange options allow both the writer and purchaser to negotiate various terms, such as exercise style, strike ...
  7. Financial Analysis

    Applied Overhead

    Applied overhead is a fixed charge assigned to a specific production job or department within a business.
  8. Financial Analysis

    Underapplied Overhead

    Underapplied overhead refers to the amount of actual factory overhead costs that are not allocated to units of production.
  9. Financial Analysis


    R is a letter addendum to a stock ticker to identify the security as a rights offering. R is also the abbreviation for "return" ...
  10. Financial Analysis

    Batch-Level Activities

    Batch-level activities are used in activity-based costing to identify manufacturing cost-drivers.
  11. Financial Analysis


    Kanban is an inventory control system used just-in-time manufacturing to track production and order new shipments of parts ...
  12. Financial Analysis

    Marginal Lender

    A marginal lender is a lender that will only make a loan at or above a particular rate of interest.
  13. Financial Analysis

    Unquoted Public Company

    An unquoted public company, also known as an unlisted public company, is a firm which has issued shares that are no longer ...
  14. Financial Analysis

    Treynor-Black Model

    The Treynor-Black model is a portfolio optimization model that consists of an active portfolio and a passively managed market ...
  15. Financial Analysis

    Spontaneous Liabilities

    Spontaneous liabilities are obligations of a company that are accumulated automatically as a result of the firm's day-to-day ...
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