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  1. Small Business

    Law of 29

    The law of 29 is a belief that on average a prospective customer will not purchase a good or service until being exposed ...
  2. Small Business

    Assessable Capital Stock

    Assessable capital stock is the capital stock of any bank or financial institution that could be subject to assessment.
  3. Financial Analysis

    Reading the Balance Sheet

    Learn about the components of a company balance sheet - aka the statement of financial position - and how it relates to other ...
  4. ETFs

    An Introduction To Corporate Bond ETFs

    Learn about the pros and cons of these specialized ETFs, and get in on the opportunities they can provide.
  5. High Net Worth Strategy

    Warren Buffett: How He Does It

    Warren Buffett has consistently ranked highly on Forbes' list of billionaires. He has a careful methodology for evaluating ...
  6. FA Relevant

    Succeeding at the Series 63 Exam

    Your career as a securities agent begins with this test. Find tips to help you get the score you need.
  7. Investing Strategy

    Out Trade

    An out trade is a trade that cannot be placed by a clearing house because the trade data submitted by the counter parties ...
  8. Investing Strategy

    Electronic Payments Network (EPN)

    The Electronic Payments Network (EPN) is one of two clearing houses in the United States that process all automated clearing ...
  9. People

    This Is How Donald Trump Actually Got Rich

    Find out how "The Donald" got his start, where he made his fortunes and why Donald Trump used the power of brand recognition ...
  10. Retirement Savings

    The Hidden Fees in 401(k)s

    Fees, regardless of how conspicuously they're disclosed, are an important criterion for your 401(k) investments.
  11. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Understanding Credit Card Interest

    Paying these rates can impact your disposable income and your investment returns.
  12. FA Relevant

    6 Proven Tips For Series 6 Success

    These techniques can help you pass the Series 6 exam without the added stress. Here are six tips to get you ready.
  13. Small Business

    Cost Company Arrangement

    A cost company arrangement is an agreement between companies that are working together where certain participants in a project ...
  14. Small Business

    Workers' Compensation Catastrophe Cover

    Workers' Compensation Catastrophe Cover is a type of loss reinsurance that is purchased by insurers of workers' compensation ...
  15. Small Business

    External Claim

    An external claim is a claim against an individual that does not arise out of any relationship he or she may have to a business ...