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  1. Trading Instruments

    Absolute Rate

    The fixed portion of an interest-rate swap, expressed as a percentage rather than as a premium or a discount to a reference ...
  2. Markets & Economy

    ABC Agreement

    An agreement made between a purchasing member with a seat on the NYSE and the firm in which he or she works. With the approval ...
  3. Trading Instruments


    A temporary fifth character suffix to a symbol for a stock traded on Nasdaq, indicating that the issuer is delinquent in ...
  4. Markets & Economy


    A Nasdaq stock symbol indicating the issuer has been granted a continuance in Nasdaq under an exception to the qualification ...
  5. Bonds / Fixed Income

    Commercial Paper Funding Facility - CPFF

    An institution created by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on October 27, 2008, as a result of the credit crunch faced ...