Reem Heakal

  • • Became an Investopedia contributor in 2003.
  • • Her writing covers a wide array of large-scale economic and financial topics
  • • Earned a Masters of Art in Political Science and International Relations


Reem Heakal became a contributor to Investopedia in 2003. Since that time she has written many articles where her focus is on large-scale economic and financial topics. An example of her work includes What Is the World Trade Organization? In this work, Heakal identifies the creation and functioning of the World Trade Organization (WTO), she gives an investigation of trade measurements by countries, and finally outlines the consequences of free and multilateral trade. Other topics which she addresses in her writing include definitions of central banks, economies of scale, and the forces behind interest rates, and a review of the discussions about insider trading, the Glass-Steagall Act and the impact of the national debt on government bonds.

You will see her work in syndication and republished as partner content on Yahoo and Forbes. Many books, online courses, and financial literacy websites list her studies as a referenced work. Since 2005, Heakal works as the head of the International Baccalaureate® program and college counselor at the Khartoum International Community School located in Khartoum, Sudan. She has membership in the International Association for College Admission Counseling (IACAC) and holds a Masters of Art in Political Science and International Relations.


Reem Heakal holds a Masters of Art in Political Science and International Relations. She has membership in the International Association for College Admission Counseling (IACAC).

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  1. Financial Analysis

    What Is A Corporate Credit Rating?

    Is the bond you're buying investment grade, or just junk? Find out how to check the score.
  2. International / Global

    What Is the World Trade Organization?

    The World Trade Organization (WTO) sets the global rules of trade. But what exactly does it do and why do so many oppose ...
  3. Markets & Economy

    What Is The Balance Of Payments?

    Learn about the balance of payments, and how it helps countries to track how much money is coming in and how much money is ...
  4. Markets & Economy

    What is the Quantity Theory of Money?

    Take a look at the tenets, assumptions and challenges of monetarism's principal theory, the quantity theory of money.
  5. Banking

    What Is the Bank for International Settlements?

    Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Founded in the 1930's the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), is a bank for central ...
  6. Budgeting & Savings

    Current Account Deficits: Government Investment or Irresponsibility?

    Deficit can be a sign of trouble for some countries, and of health for others. Find out what it means when more funds are ...
  7. Markets & Economy

    Exploring the Current Account in the Balance of Payments

    Learn how a country's current account balance reflects the country's economic health.
  8. Markets & Economy

    What Are Economies Of Scale?

    Is bigger always better? Read up on the important and often misunderstood concept of economies of scale.
  9. Markets & Economy

    Forces Behind Interest Rates

    Get a deeper understanding of the importance of interest rates and what makes them change.
  10. Markets & Economy

    What Is International Trade?

    Everyone's talking about globalization, learn what is it and why some oppose it.
  11. Politics & Money

    Central Bank

    They print money, they control inflation, they are known as the "lender of last resort". Check out the role of Central Bank ...
  12. Trading Strategy

    Defining Illegal Insider Trading

    The better you understand why insider trading can be criminal, the better you'll understand how the market works.
  13. Markets & Economy

    What Is an Emerging Market Economy?

    Emerging markets provide new investment opportunities, but there are risks to investing in them - both to residents and foreign ...
  14. Financial Analysis

    What Was The Glass-Steagall Act?

    Established in 1933 and repealed in 1999, the Glass-Steagall Act had good intentions but mixed results.
  15. Bonds / Fixed Income

    A Look At National Debt And Government Bonds

    Learn the functions of the U.S. Treasury, and find out how and why it issues debt.
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