Industry Development Officer

Resides In

Edmonton, Alberta


University of Alberta


Investing, Business, Personal finance


  • Twenty years writing on a diverse range of financial topics.
  • Past managing editor and special projects lead at Investopedia.
  • Work has been featured on MSN money, Forbes Digital, and Yahoo Finance.


Part of the original editorial team at Investopedia, Andrew started covering financial topics as a writer for the site in 2003. Andrew filled a number of roles with the site, including overseeing the development of Investopedia Video and operating as a managing editor in charge of educational content. From 2002 to today, Andrew has helped translate financial events and basic concepts for a beginner audience over a time period that included several booms, a few bubbles, and one global financial crisis too many.


Andrew received his bachelor's degree from the University of Alberta.

Quote from Andrew Beattie

"I always thought finance was made more confusing than it really should be with unnecessary jargon. Then I entered the world of synthetic products and realized that you have to make up some words when the product itself is a derivative of a derivative based on a concept proposed by salesmen and backed by a theoretical model proposed by a quant with no skin in the game. High finance gets messy, but writing on basic finance can be clear, clean, and honest."