• 10+ years of experience in journalism
  • Expert in markets and business 
  • Affiliated with Bloomberg, Fox Business Network, and Fortune Magazine 


Robert Gray’s career in journalism has spanned three decades and two continents. He began his career as a news, business, and sports anchor and DJ at Radio Metropolis in Prague, where he helped launch the country’s first English-language radio station. Since then, Robert has worked as a freelance correspondent for CNN; a radio anchor and reporter for Central Europe Today (CET) Intl. Radio Network; and a journalist for the Prague Post.

Robert has worked for C-SPAN, Bloomberg TV, and Fox Business Network. More recently, Robert has worked extensively as a freelance correspondent for television stations in the Los Angeles area, including Fox Business Network, Fox News Channel, SportsBusiness Journal, KCBS, KCAL, Fortune Magazine, and Open Mobile Media Ltd.

He writes feature pieces in addition to interviewing athletes, business executives, and top sports experts. Robert also covers breaking news and events in the Los Angeles area. In addition to his extensive experience in radio and television broadcasting, Robert has tackled a range of topics in his writing for Investopedia.


Robert received a bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.