Joe Liebkind

Joe Liebkind is a nomad finance and startup writer with a focus on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. He has worked with startups in sales and marketing roles in Berlin and New York.

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  1. Virtual Currency

    Should You Leave Coinbase? Some Bitcoiners Say Yes

    Digital currency exchange Coinbase is under fire amid rumors of bitcoin price manipulation and fraud.
  2. Virtual Currency

    How to Find Your Next Cryptocurrency Investment

    It’s hard to predict which coins will receive the most attention and why.
  3. Virtual Currency

    Tether Tantrum and the Need for a 'Stablecoin’

    Cryptocurrency volatility has long been a problem, but should daily double-digit price swings be accepted as the norm?
  4. Virtual Currency

    What Is Qtum? How the Cryptocurrency Differs from Bitcoin

    Qtum is a cryptocurrency designed to simplify the use of smart contracts for inter-business and institutional operations.
  5. Virtual Currency

    What Is North Korea's Role In Bitcoin and Does It Affect Prices?

    North Korea's cyber army is rumored to be behind some of the wild price swings of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  6. Virtual Currency

    What Is RSK? Is It a Threat to Ethereum?

    Second-layer solutions like RSK may ultimately improve the bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem for the better.
  7. Virtual Currency

    Should You Short Ripple?

    The question of “to short, or not to short” comes down to investors’ preferred trading time horizon.
  8. Virtual Currency

    Beware of these Five Bitcoin Scams

    We look at five bitcoin scams and how to protect yourself from fraud.
  9. Virtual Currency

    Blockchain Wars: IOTA's Tangle Takes on Ethereum

    IOTA's blockless ledger Tangle wants to position itself as a viable alternative to Ethereum's blockchain.
  10. Virtual Currency

    How Did Ethereum’s Price Perform In 2017?

    While bitcoin came on like gangbusters in 2017, Ethereum was quiet but steady. Its 2018 looks promising so far.
  11. Virtual Currency

    How Did Bitcoin Cash’s Price Perform in 2017?

    2018 will likely see bitcoin cash’s legitimacy echo its growing maturity in a rapidly developing market.
  12. Stocks

    Overstock Goes ‘All In’ on Bitcoin, Stock Climbs 300% In 2017

    Overstock is one of the first retailers to accept bitcoin, and its stock price went gangbusters as a result.
  13. Virtual Currency

    4 New Platforms Combining VR and Blockchain

    New solutions that combine both blockchain and virtual reality are emerging.
  14. Virtual Currency

    Are eSports Behind Litecoin's Price Surge?

    Games and eSports have given Litecoin their seal of approval, prompting the coin's recent price surge.
  15. Virtual Currency

    Litecoin Surge: 5 Likely Scenarios Why It Occurred

    As bitcoin's price has soared, Litecoin tagged along for the ride. What's behind the Litecoin groundswell?
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