Joe Liebkind

  • • 5+ years experience as a writer, content strategist and tech consultant
  • • Reporter for top finance sites with a knack for finding scoops
  • • Writes for top sites such as VentureBeat and


Joe is a tech writer and blockchain and crypto enthusiast. He has been a writer since I can remember. His background in content marketing has allowed him to work with top tech companies and startups both as an adviser and content strategist. Now Joe's sole focus is to become a better journalist by taking on complicated concepts to produce clear and concise reporting for audiences yearning to understand the complexities of blockchain.


Joe received his Bachelor's degree from New York University in Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Quote from Joe

"I love a challenge. If a story is too complex to grasp, I work harder until I grasp it."

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  1. Virtual Currency

    Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday: Was the Nakamoto White Paper Right?

    Bitcoin’s first two-digit birthday has crept up on us: a ripe old age for a technology that’s been declared dead over 311 ...
  2. Virtual Currency

    Taxes and Crypto

    There's a lot of confusion around cryptocurrency and taxes. This will help.
  3. Virtual Currency

    Crypto Stability: Institutions On the Horizon?

    Institutional investors have remained largely on the sidelines of the crypto revolution for a variety of reasons, but that's ...
  4. Virtual Currency

    Beware of These Five Bitcoin Scams

    By avoiding these traps, users can better their chances for success and protect their investments.
  5. Stocks

    Amazon $15 Minimum Wage Hike: Why Now?

    The company’s wage hike which covers thousands of workers across the US is an about-face for Amazon.
  6. Tech

    What’s Behind South Korea’s Blockchain Optimism?

    South Korea’s willingness to embrace blockchain seems to be fully backed by the government’s actions and statements.
  7. Virtual Currency

    Is Amazon Getting Serious About Blockchain?

    Amazon has made blockchain tech overtures as early as 2017, but 2018 has seen it grow more aggressive in its forays into ...
  8. Virtual Currency

    Is EOS the New BTC? Pay Attention to Peter Thiel

    Thiel has a unique acumen for investing and picking winning startup ideas. Thiel is now making moves in the crypto world ...
  9. Virtual Currency

    Microsoft Quietly Releases Game-Changing Ethereum Proof-of-Authority on Azure

    Microsoft announced that it has finally launched its Ethereum Proof-of-Authority on Azure.
  10. Tech

    5 Blockchain Platforms for Better Use of Data

    With the absence of intermediaries comes a new dawn for web users everywhere, who may suddenly find lurking around the internet ...
  11. Cybersecurity

    Why Cryptocurrency Mining is the New Ransomware

    Combatting unsolicited mining should be a priority for decentralized developers, even above functionality like interoperability ...
  12. Tech

    Is Blockchain Replacing the SIM Card?

    The clock is ticking until eSIMs are the new status quo, and blockchain will help them arrive precisely on time.
  13. Virtual Currency

    The GPU Industry is Booming Thanks to Blockchain

    Blockchain allows the GPU industry to revolutionize its sales model, deprioritizing retail sales and creating massive networks ...
  14. Virtual Currency

    How Blockchain Technology Can Prevent Voter Fraud

    As a technology, blockchain is quickly becoming unrivaled. One of the biggest problems that blockchain’s decentralized muscle ...
  15. Virtual Currency

    Are Visa, Mastercard Rueing Their Crypto Ban?

    The wave of anti-crypto decisions by banks and other issuers is having a demonstrable, albeit still relatively minor, impact ...
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