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  1. Virtual Currency

    Should You Buy Gold Or Bitcoin?

    Uncertainty is in the air; we might not be in bull market forever. If you exit stocks, should you go gold or bitcoin?
  2. Virtual Currency

    Bitcoin Government Regulations Around the World

    With the total market capitalization of cryptocurrency climbing further into the hundreds of billions, the world’s governments ...
  3. Virtual Currency

    How SegWit Made for a More User-Friendly Bitcoin

    The controversial SegWit adoption of Aug. 8 removed signatures from bitcoin blocks, allowing for more room and more speed ...
  4. Financial Technology

    Are Smart Contracts the Best of Blockchain?

    Smart contracts may be one of the best innovations to accompany blockchain development.
  5. Virtual Currency

    Can Blockchain Make Medications Cheaper and Safer?

    Blockchain-driven innovation has the potential to change the entire pharma lifecycle, from development through to delivery.
  6. Financial Technology

    Cryptocurrencies Will Fail Without Cross-Chain Transactions

    Cross-chain transactability is digital finance's only chance at becoming a relevant substitute for more traditional systems. ...
  7. Financial Technology

    Blockchain Is a Game-Changer for Online Advertising

    In the massive world of online advertising, blockchain will be a force to reckon with.
  8. Virtual Currency

    Hate Banks? Fund Your Company With Blockchain and "LaaS" Technology

    Lending-as-a-service (LaaS) allows you to raise money for your company using Blockchain technology.
  9. Virtual Currency

    How Blockchain Technology Can Prevent Voter Fraud

    As a technology, blockchain is quickly becoming unrivaled. One of the biggest problems that blockchain’s decentralized muscle ...
  10. Virtual Currency

    6 Unique ICOs to Look at Right Now

    ICOs are a dime a dozen and many are simply put, scams. However, there are still great opportunities out there for those ...
  11. Virtual Currency

    IMF Chief Lagarde’s Comments on Bitcoin Have Big Implications

    IMF chair Lagarde’s positive statement on cryptocurrencies may have far-reaching implications for the entire financial industry, ...
  12. Virtual Currency

    Will New Online Gambling Regulations Affect Bitcoin?

    There is a chance that online gaming regulations will drive cryptocurrencies.
  13. Virtual Currency

    How Blockchain Technology is Changing Real Estate

    Blockchain technology will disrupt real estate as well.
  14. Virtual Currency

    Gold and Blockchain: An Unlikely Power Couple

    A cryptocurrency that derives its value from physical gold could provide a hedge against volatility.
  15. Virtual Currency

    Does Blockchain Technology Pose a Threat to Netflix?

    Blockchain technology's many uses include decentralized streaming. Netflix needs to join in or be left behind.
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