Joe Liebkind

Joe Liebkind is a nomad finance and startup writer with a focus on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. He has worked with startups in sales and marketing roles in Berlin and New York.

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  1. Virtual Currency

    The GPU Industry is Booming Thanks to Blockchain

    Blockchain allows the GPU industry to revolutionize its sales model, deprioritizing retail sales and creating massive networks ...
  2. Virtual Currency

    How Blockchain Technology Can Prevent Voter Fraud

    As a technology, blockchain is quickly becoming unrivaled. One of the biggest problems that blockchain’s decentralized muscle ...
  3. Virtual Currency

    Are Visa, Mastercard Rueing Their Crypto Ban?

    The wave of anti-crypto decisions by banks and other issuers is having a demonstrable, albeit still relatively minor, impact ...
  4. Financial Planning

    Can Blockchain Solve the Global Retirement Crisis?

    Blockchain comes at a crucial time and may represent the savior of pension plans everywhere.
  5. Investing Strategy

    How Blockchain Will Revolutionize Future Cars

    Blockchain has been flexing its muscles in several industries, but the automotive sector offers immense untapped potential. ...
  6. Virtual Currency

    Is 2018 the Year of the Security Token?

    With its ability to demonstrate value, security tokens could roil traditional financial markets in favor of the more hybrid ...
  7. Virtual Currency

    Why the ASKfm ICO is One to Watch

    ASKfm could prove to be the most exciting coin offering of 2018 considering its strong offering and a living ecosystem already ...
  8. Virtual Currency

    Is Blockchain’s Trajectory Tied to Chinese Money?

    China's embrace of blockchain is a chance to establish even footing with the rest of the world and possibly a promising sign ...
  9. Virtual Currency

    Estonia is Pushing for State-Backed Cryptocurrency

    Estonia is now attempting its latest move towards complete digitization by proposing what it calls ‘Estcoin’, as an official ...
  10. Virtual Currency

    5 Major Companies Mulling an ICO

    Household brands are now jumping on the ICO bandwagon to raise money for their own blockchain solutions.
  11. Virtual Currency

    DAOs, Blockchain, and the Potential of Ownerless Business

    DAOs are possibly the most cost effective and fair business model ever conceived.
  12. Virtual Currency

    How Blockchain is Changing the Mortgage Game

    Blockchain-based solutions could disrupt the mortgage industry by eliminating many of the inefficiencies that plague the ...
  13. Virtual Currency

    What’s Behind the Mysterious PayPal-BTC Rumors?

    A suspicious email appearing to originate from PayPal warned users to cease crypto trading.
  14. Virtual Currency

    How Blockchain reduces "Friction" in Retail

    Blockchain creates a more direct, mutually-beneficial playing field for retailers and shoppers alike.
  15. Virtual Currency

    Coca-Cola and US State Dept Use Blockchain to Combat Forced Labor

    Coca-Cola and the U.S. State Department are using blockchain to combat forced labor in their supply chains.
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