• • Manages outstanding municipal bond credit ratings as an associate lead analyst with Moody’s Investor Services
  • • 5 years of experience in financial and security analysis, credit underwriting, and market research
  • • Writes about equities, currency trading, and investment strategies


James in began his career as a financial analyst for G.E. Capital in 2013. There, he managed part of a lease and loan portfolio in the transportation finance section, where he provided analysis, forecasting, and planning support. Since 2015, James has worked at Moody’s Investors Service–first as an associate analyst and now, as an associate lead analyst. In his current role, James manages a portfolio of outstanding municipal bond credit ratings. His expertise includes financial statement analysis, security analysis, credit underwriting, market research, and executive presentation.

As a freelance writer, James has written about equities and currency investing, as well as popular investment strategies. He is a contributing writer for Yahoo Finance, Trade2Win, and Investopedia.

James earned a chartered financial analyst (CFA) designation in August 2018. He is active with the Foundations of Leadership, Crotonville Learning Center since 2014. In his spare time, he volunteers with the PeopleFund of Dallas. Here he helps small businesses in the Dallas area develop their growth models.


James earned his Bachelor of Arts Cum Laude in Economics and Finance from the University of Dallas.

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