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Financial Planning

Financial Planning delivers the essential analysis and insight that independent advisers need to make informed decisions about their business and the clients they serve. The only information resource dedicated to the needs of the independent financial planner, Financial Planning provides analysis and breaking news, opinion and expert advice, and practical business-building ideas. Coverage is sharply focused on what matters most to advisers — their clients (building relationships), their practice (building and managing their business, deploying technology), and managing their client's portfolios. The Financial Planning community is deeply engaged through interactions on social media, comment forums, research panels, and an authoritative network of contributors. As advisers optimize their practices' investment performance and client service in a complex, highly regulated industry, Financial Planning delivers actionable and insightful content.

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  1. FA Profession

    Baby Boomers Represent Untapped Business Potential

    Millennials are receiving the most attention from financial advisors, but boomers share the same problems, including a need ...
  2. FA Profession

    Clients Underestimate the Need for Emergency Fund

    Coming up with an emergency savings fund is a crucial for financial planning, but advisors say getting clients to contribute ...
  3. Bonds / Fixed Income

    Clients Aren't Ready for Rising Rates

    Investors aren’t used to seeing volatility in their bond portfolios, and many clients may not ready for rising interest rates, ...
  4. Robo-Advisor

    Banks Enter the Robo Advisory Game

    The partnership announced this week between Fifth Third Bancorp and Fidelity is one of about a half-dozen similar partnerships ...
  5. FA Profession

    Advisors and Clients: Consider This as Rates Rise

    After lying dormant for years, interest rates are rising again, both in the United States and abroad. In addition, credit ...
  6. Investing Strategy

    Smart Beta Projected to Replace Active Management

    Factor investing should be considered the "third leg" of an investment strategy, straddling active stock selection and index-based ...
  7. FA Profession

    Who Will be the Amazon for Financial Services?

    Technology is rapidly changing the way advisors meet clients, and that transformation opens up several key opportunities ...
  8. Health Insurance

    Helping Clients When Health Care Costs (and Anxiety) Are High

    With higher premiums, copays and out-of-pocket costs, health care expenses are a concern for everyone. What can you do to ...
  9. Career / Compensation

    Lack of Diversity in CFP® Profession: Blacks, Latinos Weigh In

    Financial planners know the industry has too few minorities among its members; when it comes to the reason why, the profession ...
  10. FA Profession

    Does Amazon Pose a Threat to Wealth Management?

    Analysis revealed that compliance concerns and investor preference would keep Amazon from entering wealth management; industry ...
  11. FA Profession

    Data Sharing is a Risk to You and Your Clients

    FINRA recently issued a strongly-worded warning to investment companies and investors about the dangers of sharing account ...
  12. FA Profession

    Do the New CFP® Standards Go Far Enough?

    The new CFP® Board code of conduct has been finalized, and critics wonder if the standards hold financial advisors to a high ...
  13. FA Profession

    Advisor Firms Enticing New Recruits With Residency Programs

    Seventy-two percent of financial advisors are age 40 or older, so firms are finding creative ways to bring new recruits into ...
  14. FA Profession

    Court Overturns Significant Fiduciary Regulation

    In a surprising turn of events, a federal appeals court vacated the fiduciary rule late Thursday. The Department of Labor ...
  15. FA Profession

    Advisors: Have Text Conversations With Clients

    The financial advice industry hasn't embraced texting as a client service the same way that other advice fields have: will ...
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