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  1. ETFs

    What You Need to Know About Frontier Markets

    In 2014, frontier markets, like Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates, ignited investors' imaginations. Since then, they have ...
  2. ETFs

    Diversity Increases as Smart Beta ETFs Evolve

    Smart-beta ETFs generally have different top holdings than the diversified S&P 500 or Russell 1000 indices, and their ...
  3. ETFs

    Key Drivers Fueling Strong ETF Growth

    Global ETF assets could grow to $12 trillion in five years, $25 trillion in nine, according to BlackRock. The forecast isn’t ...
  4. ETFs

    ARK Dramatically Trims ETFs' Bitcoin Exposure

    Just over a month ago, the ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK) took home’s “ETF Of The Year” award. Bitcoin was crucial to ...
  5. ETFs

    The World's Cheapest ESG, ETF Portfolio

    Is it possible to build a broadly diversified portfolio using only socially responsible ETFs? Yes. And doing so won't cost ...
  6. ETFs

    Growing Pains For Marijuana ETFs

    Since the start of the year, no new marijuana ETFs have launched, nor have new ones been filed, and it's unclear when—or ...
  7. ETFs

    Record ETF Inflows May Not Be What They Seem

    Asset flows in and out of ETFs are going wild, but your clients probably shouldn’t read too much into that.
  8. FA Profession

    ESG ETFs Still Invest in Producers of Fossil Fuels

    Many ESG ETFs are held in funds that screen for emissions, or for involvement in the coal, oil and natural gas industries. ...
  9. ETFs

    Advisor Take: The Media's Misunderstanding Of ETFs

    Every time the market has a period of extreme volatility, there is no shortage of TV personalities who find a way to blame ...
  10. ETFs

    Advisors: Here's a Look at Gun Stocks in ETFs

    Are your clients asking about gun stocks in their portfolios? takes a look at the funds with the biggest gun stock ...
  11. FA Profession

    Advisors: How to Choose the Right Factor ETFs

    Mo Haghbin of OppenheimerFunds discusses the future of factor investing with Inside ETFs CEO Matt Hougan, including building ...
  12. ETFs

    Motley Fool Launches ETF Tracking Proprietary Index

    Chances are you’ve heard of Motley Fool and read some of its research. But the company also has an asset management side ...
  13. Bonds / Fixed Income

    Advisors: How to Respond to Rising Yields and Interest Rates

    It took more than a year to happen, but interest rates are finally rising again. Now bond ETFs tied to 10-year Treasuries ...
  14. ETFs

    Mohamed El-Erian on ETFs and a Possible Market Bubble

    Are we in a bubble? That’s the question Mohamed El-Erian asked the audience to answer at the start of his closing keynote ...
  15. Virtual Currency

    Advisors: Here Are the SEC's Concerns About Bitcoin ETFs

    Jeremy Senderowicz, an attorney and expert on laws pertaining to ETFs and mutual funds, explains why the SEC is concerned ...
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