Resides In

New York, NY


The Evergreen State College


  • 5+ years experience as a writing consultant for national nonprofit and grant programs, providing intervention, tutoring, and writing workshops for low-income and first generation elementary, middle, high school, and college-aged students in the Greater Seattle area
  • Currently a volunteer editorial contributor for Litmus Press, O Books, and The Post-Apollo Press, Brooklyn-based publishers of literary journals and books, specializing in cross-genre and experimental writing
  • Former editor at Investopedia, managing and editing the contributions of writers and finance professionals who cover topics relevant to the financial advisory industry


Katelyn has been an editor and advocate for writers of all backgrounds for over six years. At the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, she consulted with undergraduate and graduate students on their writing in all subject areas. As a teaching assistant, she facilitated formal writing critiques with over 40 participants, in addition to teaching workshops on composition theory, and writing scholarship essays, cover letters, and resumes.

In Tacoma, Washington, she served as a teaching assistant for a guest poet/playwright at a summer academy for college-bound students in underserved high schools in Tacoma, Washington.

At Clover Park High School in Lakewood, Washington, she consulted for a federal grant program, helping low-income, first generation high school students write college application essays.

In Seattle, Washington, Katelyn worked as an interventionist, supporting students at a high-need school in English and language arts. She has interned as an editorial assistant at two independent literary publishers based in Brooklyn and was an intern at a women's interest magazine in Manhattan, contributing first-person essays. She has presented her critical and creative work at at the Pacific Northwest Writing Centers Association-TYCA Joint Conference and at the New Directions in Critical Theory Conference at the University of Arizona.


 Katelyn earned her Bachelor of Arts in creative writing at The Evergreen State College.

Quote from Katelyn D. Peters

"I believe accurate and trustworthy financial information should be accessible to everyone. When people make better money decisions, their lives can improve. As an editor, my goal is to educate."