Richard Suttmeier

Richard Suttmeier

I am an engineer by education with a Master of Science Degree in Operations Research Systems Analysis.  

After five years as a Systems Analyst, I began my career in the financial markets in 1972. I started as a bond trader in the primary dealer community. In 1984, while managing a major fixed income trading desk, I began to write comprehensive analysis of the U.S. Capital Markets.

At the end of 1989, I formed Global Market Consultants, Ltd as an independent financial strategies firm. While operating this firm, I worked as desk strategist for several Wall Street firms before becoming a freelance writer in 2009.

My methodology is based upon simple tools of technical analysis, and my proprietary analytics that provide value levels at which to buy on weakness and risky levels at which to sell on strength.


  1. Chart Strategy

    Lowe's Stock Is Fenced Into a Trading Range

    Lowe's stock has an elevated P/E ratio of 22.78 and offers a so-so dividend yield of 2.06%. The technical charts are neutral.
  2. Chart Strategy

    Foot Locker Stock: Positive Earnings Could Reboot Mojo

    Foot Locker stock is too cheap to ignore, with a P/E ratio of 7.21 and a 3.75% dividend yield, but the charts are challenging.
  3. Chart Strategy

    Wal-Mart to Report in Inflating Parabolic Bubble

    Wal-Mart stock is overvalued but has a reasonable dividend yield. It is currently above a "golden cross."
  4. Chart Strategy

    Cisco Systems Stock Poised to Network Higher

    Shares of Cisco are cheap, with a below-market P/E ratio, an attractive dividend yield and positive technical charts.
  5. Chart Strategy

    Target Needs Earnings Bullseye to Sustain Stock Gains

    Target stock is cheap, with a below-market P/E ratio and an attractive dividend yield, but its technical charts are neutral.
  6. Chart Strategy

    Storm Relief Yields Sales Momentum for Home Depot

    Home Depot stock has an above average P/E ratio and an acceptable dividend yield, but its momentum has been overbought.
  7. Chart Strategy

    Nvidia Stock Goes Parabolic Into the Gaming Cloud

    Nvidia has an elevated P/E ratio and a puny dividend yield, and its momentum has risen into parabolic territory.
  8. Chart Strategy

    Kohl's Stock Too Cheap to Ignore Given Amazon Link

    Kohl's has a cheap P/E ratio, a solid dividend yield and is a hub for Amazon returns in some large markets.
  9. Chart Strategy

    Humana Is a Healthy Stock but Lags Rivals

    Technical momentum will drive earnings volatility for healthcare insurance giant Humana.
  10. Chart Strategy

    Trade Priceline and TripAdvisor Stocks on Guidance

    Technical momentum following earnings will likely drive shares of Priceline and TripAdvisor.
  11. Chart Strategy

    Why Amazon Should Buy CVS Health

    As a consolidator, Amazon could reduce healthcare costs on Main Street and solve some problems related to Obamacare.
  12. Chart Strategy

    Starbucks Stock Stuck in Trading Range

    Three months ago, Starbucks stock gapped lower following earnings, making today's report important for the holiday season.
  13. Chart Strategy

    Apple Stock Has Momentum but Suffered a Key Reversal

    Apple reports earnings after setting a new high, but investors should beware of overhead risky levels.
  14. Chart Strategy

    Tesla Stock Holds Key Level as Earnings Loom

    Tesla reports earnings after the close today. The stock is above a "golden cross" on its daily chart with a negative weekly ...
  15. Chart Strategy

    Qualcomm Faces Earnings Volatility, Divorce From Apple

    Qualcomm reports earnings on Wednesday after failing at its 200-day simple moving average on Monday.