Richard Suttmeier

Richard Suttmeier

I am an engineer by education with a Master of Science Degree in Operations Research Systems Analysis.  

After five years as a Systems Analyst, I began my career in the financial markets in 1972. I started as a bond trader in the primary dealer community. In 1984, while managing a major fixed income trading desk, I began to write comprehensive analysis of the U.S. Capital Markets.

At the end of 1989, I formed Global Market Consultants, Ltd as an independent financial strategies firm. While operating this firm, I worked as desk strategist for several Wall Street firms before becoming a freelance writer in 2009.

My methodology is based upon simple tools of technical analysis, and my proprietary analytics that provide value levels at which to buy on weakness and risky levels at which to sell on strength.


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  1. Chart Strategy

    J. C. Penney Stock Offers an 'Option on Survival'

    J. C. Penney has a P/E ratio of 17.54 and does not pay a dividend, but weakness below $3 per share is an "option on survival."
  2. Chart Strategy

    Dillard's Stock Is Consolidating a Failed Take-Out Deal

    Dillard's stock spiked in July on a buyout attempt and now has a reasonable P/E ratio of 15.23 with a puny dividend yield.
  3. Chart Strategy

    Macy's Holiday Parade Ended on Christmas

    Iconic mall anchor Macy's stock is cheap, with a P/E ratio of 10.83 and a dividend yield of 5.87%.
  4. Chart Strategy

    Constellation Brands Begins 2018 With a Mojo Buzz

    Constellation Brands has an elevated P/E ratio of 27.27 with a puny dividend yield of 0.86%.
  5. Chart Strategy

    Walgreens to Benefit From Urban Healthcare Reform

    Walgreens has a market-neutral P/E ratio of 19.21, and the drug store giant has a modest dividend yield of 2.10%.
  6. Chart Strategy

    Buy Rite Aid Shares as an 'Option on Survival'

    Rite Aid is not a profitable company, so it does not have a P/E ratio, but it trades at $1 to $3 per share as an "option ...
  7. Chart Strategy

    Tesla Stock Begins 2018 in Bear Market Territory

    Tesla is not a profitable company, so it does not have a P/E ratio, but its weekly chart is not negative.
  8. Chart Strategy

    Alphabet Stock Begins 2018 With Positive Charts

    Alphabet stock is not a bargain given a P/E ratio of 50.77, although it has a positive but overbought weekly chart.
  9. Chart Strategy

    Netflix Needs Strong 2018 Start to Regain Mojo

    Netflix stock is not a bargain given a P/E ratio of 182.29 but should avoid ending 2017 with a negative weekly chart.
  10. Chart Strategy

    Facebook Stock Could End 2017 With a Negative Chart

    Facebook stock is not a bargain given its P/E ratio of 34.43 and the risk that its weekly chart could end the year negative.
  11. Chart Strategy

    Amazon Wins Online Dollars and Prime Members

    Amazon reports record holiday sales and new Prime Members, expanding its online reach.
  12. Chart Strategy

    Apple Stock Sliced on Report of Weak iPhone X Demand

    Apple is one of the most popular companies on the planet, but the stock is at risk of a chart downgrade this week.
  13. Chart Strategy

    CarMax Stock Pushed Off the Road on Earnings Miss

    CarMax has a reasonable P/E ratio of 18.64 but does not offer a dividend, and the stock's charts are not positive.
  14. Chart Strategy

    Nike Kicks Off Earnings Season for the Dow 30

    Nike stock is not cheap, given its P/E ratio of 25.59 and puny dividend yield of just 1.10%.
  15. Chart Strategy

    Bed Bath & Beyond Stock Is Cheap for Holiday Shopping

    Bed Bath & Beyond stock is cheap, with a P/E ratio of 6.07 and a dividend yield of 2.65%, and the weekly chart is positive.
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