• • 3+ years experience as a freelance writer
  • • Former Currency Analyst at Economiccalendar.com
  • • Contributor at Investopedia since 2017


Jignesh has been trading the markets full-time since 2012, focusing on currencies, equities, and commodities.  He made his first investment (into a GIC) over 25 years ago and has been actively investing and enhancing his knowledge of the markets since.  Jignesh utilizes a top-down approach that relies heavily on technicals to build a long-term view of the markets.  He is particularly fascinated by wave analysis and crowd psychology and continues to research these subjects extensively.  

Prior to his involvement in the markets, he was an entrepreneur for seven years and had worked for several leading multinational companies in the field of Information Technology for six years.

Quote from Jignesh

"I think it's true that money can't be happiness, but a lack of financial independence certainly can cause a lot of stress.  In this context, being able to help others improve their understanding of finance and investing has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my job."

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