• 10+ years of experience as a journalist with a background in broadcast, print, and digital newsrooms
  • Formerly reported and anchored for local, national, and third-language news channels
  • Currently writing about business, lifestyle, trending, and general news


Rajeev Dhir is a highly energetic, experienced, and motivated writer who's interested in (long-form) storytelling—whether that's in print, video, or audio. He's passionate about bringing stories of people and communities who aren't necessarily on the radar. Rajeev's work has been published by the Star Ledger, NBC News, Al-Jazeera America, and Newsday. Prior to this, he worked as a reporter, anchor, and producer for mainstream, multicultural, and business news and morning television in Canada.


Rajeev received bachelor's degree from York University majoring in English and earned his master's degree in multimedia journalism from NYU.

Quote from Rajeev Dhir

"People often think finance is complicated and don't even try to understand it. But I try to show them it's important to read between the lines because there's something beyond just the numbers."