Michelle Zhou

Michelle Zhou

  • • Financial reporter and editor with 5+ years experience in digital publishing
  • • Business writer specialized in the wealth and asset management industry
  • • Holder of higher education degrees in business and economic reporting


Michelle is a freelance contributor covering the financial services industry for Investopedia's Advisor Insights audience. She writes about fintech and the intersection of wealth management and social behavior. Michelle earned her MA in financial journalism from NYU in 2017. She currently works for RBC Global Asset Management in Canada.

The views and statements expressed in Michelle's articles are strictly her own and not associated with or sponsored by RBC GAM. RBC GAM is not involved in the research or production of any materials published on Investopedia under Michelle's authorship.


Michelle earned her Master of Arts in Business & Economic Reporting from New York University.

Quote from Michelle

"Finance is often viewed as a complicated concept, and in many cases it's manufactured to be so. But it's accessible and understandable by everyone. I hope to show our readers how."

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