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  1. Financial Analysis

    What Are the Key Barriers to Entry in Electronics?

    Learn how the entry barriers of economies of scale and scope, research and development, capital and brand loyalty affect ...
  2. Asset Allocation

    Why Do Investors Use the S&P 500 as a Benchmark?

    Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using the S&P 500 as a benchmark for portfolio performance, and understand ...
  3. Markets & Economy

    How Can the Fed Increase Aggregate Demand?

    Learn about the Federal Reserve's role in increasing aggregate demand. Find out why fiscal policy tends to be more effective ...
  4. Investing Strategy

    The difference between a market order and limit order

    Market orders execute a trade to buy or sell immediately at the best available price. A limit order only trades when the ...
  5. Investing

    What is after-hours trading? Am I able to trade at this time?

    After-hours trading is the period of time after the market closes when an investor can trade outside of regular trading hours ...
  6. Investing Strategy

    Understand the What and Why of Stock Splits

    A stock split is when a company increases the number of shares issued to current shareholders.
  7. Retirement Savings

    What Are the Most Common Social Security Scams?

    Learn about some of the most common Social Security scams that occur by phone, email and direct mail, Find out how to report ...
  8. Stocks

    How Does Load Factor Impact Airline Profitability?

    Learn more about how investors and airlines use load factor for determining future changes in profitability and for understanding ...
  9. Taxes

    What Are Some Common Examples of Demand Shock?

    Learn about some common examples of demand shock. Find out how demand shocks lead to surprisingly rapid increases or decreases ...
  10. Stocks

    How does Twitter make money?

    Learn how Twitter earns revenue, including how the social media company uses three targeted advertising streams, data farming ...
  11. Insurance

    How Does the Insurance Sector Work?

    Learn more about the insurance sector, a historically safe place for equity investors and the home of some of the largest ...
  12. Markets & Economy

    4 Economic Indicators That Move Financial Stocks

    Find out about some of the most important macroeconomic indicators that investors in the financial services sector should ...
  13. Stocks

    Who Are the Major Airplane Manufacturing Companies?

    Learn more about the aircraft supply business market and the two major airplane manufacturers that dominate large commercial ...
  14. Financial Analysis

    How Does Goodwill Increase a Company's Value?

    Learn about the basics of goodwill in the business world, what positive effects it can have on a company's overall value ...
  15. Taxes

    How Do You Calculate Marginal Tax Rates in Excel?

    Learn how to approximate marginal taxes owed and how to use marginal tax rate formulas in Excel to provide an accurate number ...
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