Brian Beers

  • • Digital editor, writer and content expert with 15+ years experience working in financial news.
  • • Received a number of business and online journalism awards, including an Emmy-nomination as the lead producer of the long-form feature "Boom, Bust and Blame: The Inside Story of America's Economic Crisis" for CNBC.
  • • Rang the opening / closing bell of the stock market three times; twice for the NYSE, and once for the NASDAQ.


Working in business news since the dot-com crash of 2000, Brian got his start at CNBC. Over the years, Brian leveraged his finance background into roles as a senior producer and digital editorial director for

Brian has been writing and producing content for over a decade. His focus is on investing, the financial markets and all things money. He was a blogger for CNBC’s Mad Money and Fast Money television programs back in 2008-09.

Beyond finance, Brian also writes about sports business. He is currently a contributing writer for The Drive, covering the business of racing and autos. His work has been published on CNBC, NBC Sports, and Yahoo. Brian also spent a number of years as the lead digital producer of SportsBiz with Darren Rovell.

Brian has a solid background in economic and political news as well. He oversaw digital production of every presidential election night since 2008, and several live Republican presidential debates that were hosted by CNBC.


Brian received his Bachelors from Syracuse University in Finance.

Quote from Brian

"By helping people learn a little bit more about money and their investments, the true payoff for me is knowing that it may end up positively impacting someone down the line in a real-life financial decision."

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