New York University


  • Financial writer for major publications
  • Experience in the radio and television broadcast industry
  • 2+ years of experience in issues related to corporate compliance and with foreign corruption


Sarah Hansen is an up-and-coming financial writer. She writes for the Money and Markets feature of Forbes and Investopedia. The topics she covers include reviews of U.S. companies, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, investing in mutual funds, and international trade issues. Sarah was a radio news reporter and production assistant with Unalaska Community Broadcasting (KUBC) and worked on the Breaking News Desk at CNBC. Over the years, she covered the NYSE, the rise and fall of General Electric, and emergency care in the Aleutian Islands.

Before entering financial journalism, Sarah was a paralegal for more than two years. She worked with issues related to corporate compliance and foreign corruption.


Sarah earned her Master of Arts in business and economic reporting at New York University.