Financial Journalist and Financial Analyst, Author


Denison University, LaSalle University MBA


  • 10+ years experience as a financial journalist and Wall Street analyst
  • Currently working as a marketing content manager at Richardson, a global sales training company
  • Author of The 90 Minute Personal Finance Plan for Life


Ben Taylor has been a financial journalist and financial analyst for over a decade. He has written eBooks, white pages, blog postings, and articles for a variety of companies. Ben has written most recently for Nasdaq, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, Motley Fool, and others. His Kindle eBook The 90 Minute Personal Finance Plan for Life, published in 2016, was an Amazon Personal Finance section bestseller.

Ben's expertise includes investment strategies, trading, retirement, socio-economic trends, cryptocurrency, and portfolio balancing. He was a financial adjustment associate at Vanguard between 2004-2005 and a senior operations representative at StockTrans/Broadridge between 2005-2006, before segueing into financial writing. Ben currently works as a writer and researcher at Financial Content Management as well as a marketing content manager at Richardson, both located in the Philadelphia area.


Ben earned an MBA in finance from LaSalle University and a BA in English literature from Denison University.