• 5+ years of experience writing for leading financial brands
  • Formerly¬†focused on writing and sales development for Bernstein
  • Current senior editor of custom content for Investopedia


A professional writer and editor, Chris Sonzogni began his career helping to run a financial literacy-focused nonprofit. In addition to his nonprofit work, he wrote and edited content for a number of asset managers, insurance companies, and hedge funds. In subsequent roles, Chris worked for PGIM Fixed Income, where he focused on writing for institutional clients, and Bernstein Private Wealth Management, where he worked as a marketing writer. At Bernstein, Chris also worked with the firm's Philanthropy Team to help advisors pursue not-for-profit business opportunities.


Chris earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from Elon University.

Quote from Chris Sonzogni

"From explaining the yield curve to breaking down ESG investing, I'm interested in helping people make sense of whatever financial topic they're struggling with."