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Credilife’s personal coaching program is a one-of-a-kind value in the credit repair industry. However, the company loses vital points for failing to disclose pricing and for compensating coaches based on commission.

  • Pros & Cons
  • Key Takeaways
  • Company Overview
Pros & Cons
  • Financial wellness services cover more than credit repair

  • Options for small businesses

  • Library of free educational resources

  • Occasionally runs promotional discounts

  • Positive customer reviews

  • Pricing not disclosed up front

  • Possible high fees

  • Confusing service options

  • Coaches work on a commission basis

  • Few years in business

Key Takeaways
  • Credilife’s credit repair service covers much more than just credit repair, connecting customers with a personal credit coach for one-on-one financial guidance.
  • Specific options are available for students and small business owners.
  • Credilife’s fees are not listed and are probably high since they offer personalized coaching.
  • The company publishes free information and resources for doing credit repair and disputes on your own.
Company Overview

Credilife is a credit repair and financial wellness company based in Burnsville, Minnesota. Founded in 2015, the company is fairly young compared to other players in the industry. Credilife stands out for offering hands-on guidance from personal credit coaches, some of whom specialize in certain areas such as student debt and homebuying.

  • Year Founded 2015
  • Kinds of Credit Repair Service Credit disputes, debt management, business services
  • Fee Schedule Upfront, monthly
  • Monitoring Options Not available
  • Customer Service Phone, email, web chat, social media
  • Official Website

Most credit repair companies simply file disputes on behalf of their customers, doing very little to address other factors that might contribute to poor credit. Credilife is a standout exception, pairing each customer with their own credit coach for what the company calls a “holistic approach” to improving financial wellness. This service likely comes at a cost. They aren't upfront about fees on the website, but given what they are offering, their service is likely to be on the expensive side. Keep reading to learn why you might or might not want to sign up for credit repair with Credilife.

Pros Explained

  • Financial wellness services cover more than credit repair: In addition to credit repair, Credilife offers debt management, financial planning, and more.
  • Options for small businesses: The company’s business credit program helps small business owners improve creditworthiness and get funding.
  • Library of free educational resources: Anyone can access Credilife’s free DIY guides for credit dispute and repair instructions.
  • Occasionally runs promotional discounts: From time to time, Credilife offers new customers discounts on their first work fees.
  • Positive customer reviews: Past customers have nothing but positive feedback regarding their experience with Credilife.

Cons Explained

  • Pricing not disclosed up front: Credilife doesn’t post its pricing online, which can be a red flag for transparency.
  • Possible high fees: Credlife doesn't disclosed its prices and it is offering a high end personalized service with coaching so its prices are likely high.
  • Confusing service options: Credilife doesn’t do a great job of clearly explaining its various service packages.
  • Coaches work on a commission basis: Credilife’s coaches make money based on how much they sell, which may influence the recommendations they make to customers.
  • Few years in business: The company has only been around since 2015, which isn’t long compared to competitors with decades in the business.

Types of Services

Credilife offers a few types of services tailored to various specific goals. While the company’s standard credit repair package covers a broad range of needs, you’ll find options for student loan debt and small businesses too.

Credit Life Improvement Program

The Credit Life Improvement Program is Credilife’s core personal credit repair plan. While most competitors focus their services around credit disputes, Credilife takes a more organic approach that prioritizes consumer education and addresses many other contributing factors to credit health.

Customers who enroll in the Credit Life Improvement Program start with a thorough one-on-one evaluation of their credit report and financials with a coach. After this initial session, the company mails out a welcome kit that includes the Credit Builder Blueprint, a physical booklet personalized to each customer. This blueprint lays out a step-by-step guide to the individual’s credit repair plan created by their coach.

As you’d expect, Credilife handles credit disputes for any inaccurate information found on a customer’s credit report. But what you’re really paying for is ongoing access to a personal credit coach. The ultimate goal is to repair credit not just by removing inaccuracies but by addressing multiple areas that need improvement with better overall financial habits and an effective debt management plan.

Shopping around for a mortgage is one of the most important parts of the homebuying process. Even a small difference in interest rate can translate to thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. There’s no guarantee that Credilife will get you the best mortgage rate; in fact, it’s more than likely that the company makes a commission for every referral they make. Always shop around on your own before settling with a recommended lender.

Student Loan Help

Student loans are a financial burden for many Americans. If you’ve struggled to repay your student debt, your credit score might suffer as a result. Credilife employs student loan specialists who undergo training in specific government debt relief and refinancing options. To take advantage of this service, customers simply need to request a Credilife coach who specializes in student loans upon signup.

Business Credit Program

Credit repair services are a dime a dozen, but Credilife is one of very few companies to offer a program for small businesses. The service works in two parts. First, participants work with a credit coach to build or establish their business’s credit. A funding coach then enters the picture to help secure credit or funding.

Optional Add-Ons

Although Credilife includes outstanding financial guidance with its Credit Life Improvement Program, customers can take advantage of one optional add-on designed for more long-term financial planning.  

Money Mastery

Most Credilife customers stay with the company for nine months on average. For affordable, long-term financial management, Credilife refers customers to Money Mastery, a third-party mobile app with a more affordable monthly subscription fee. The Money Mastery app tracks spending and helps customers follow a plan to eliminate debt and build wealth for retirement. Coaches are available to answer questions and offer guidance, although the process isn’t as hands-on as Credilife’s program.

Customer Service

Since Credilife bases its services around a personal relationship with a one-on-one coach, customer service might be a bit different from what you’re used to. The company’s central offices have representatives available by phone and email. However, each individual coach sets their own hours and may be available at different times based on request. If it’s urgent, Credilife does provide an option to request a call from the next available coach through its website.

One interesting thing to note is Credilife’s presence on social media. Most coaches are very active on Meta, and several private credit help groups are open for anyone to join. A live chat powered by Meta Messenger is accessible through Credilife’s company Meta page as well.

With that said, we do have one significant concern about Credilife’s coaches. According to our research, these coaches are actually classified as salespeople, which means they earn a commission based on what they sell to customers. Unfortunately, this can create an environment in which coaches make recommendations based on what will earn them a higher paycheck, not necessarily what’s best for the customer.

The term “credit coach” is a fairly vague title that doesn’t carry much weight in the credit repair industry. A credit coach can be a qualified legal expert or a salesperson with a simple training course under their belt. The easiest way to tell the difference is to ask the company how their representatives are compensated. If they earn a commission, they’re in a sales role.

Company Reputation

While most credit repair companies face high volumes of complaints from customers, Credilife is notably absent from this list. The company gets outstanding feedback from past clients on most platforms.

If you have a complaint about the services of a credit repair company, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or call 877-FTC-HELP.

Contract Duration

Credilife bills on a month-to-month basis and, in accordance with the Credit Repair Organizations Act, doesn’t charge customers until the end of each month. Services can be canceled anytime by contacting customer service before the start of the next billing period.


The biggest drawback to Credilife is its possibly high cost. They don't disclose prices on their webpage. It is a premium service with personalized coaching and is likely to be at the higher end of the industry price spectrum. Some competitors likely sell plans in the same price range. However, most offer a cheaper option for customers on a budget. Credlife doesn't offer a budget package. In its favor, Credilife does occasionally run promotions with discounted initial work fees.

The Money Mastery program is much more affordable at $19.95 per month and can be purchased alongside a Credilife service or on its own. Just keep in mind that this program doesn’t include any credit repair services and is best for long-term budget planning.

The Competition: Credilife vs. Credit Assistance Network

To see if Credilife is really worth its high fees, we compared it to Credit Assistance Network, a competitor with a slightly different product structure. Credit Assistance Network is a more standard service. They will verify your debts and dispute incorrect items on your credit report. They impose a limit of 45 items. Credilife looks like a better due to its personalized coaching, education materials, and no dispute limit.

  Credilife Credit Assistance Network
Year Founded 2015 2004
Services Offered Credit disputes, debt management, business services Credit repair
Customer Service Touchpoints Phone, email, client portal, web chat, social media Phone, email, client portal
Upfront Fee Unknown Unknown
Monthly Fee Unknown Unknown

Credilife’s unique credit repair approach covers more territory than most competitors in terms of overall financial health. It’s hard to find another company that can offer comparable one-on-one coaching. However, the company’s probable high fees that aren’t disclosed up front make us hesitant, and we’re not quite sold on Credilife coaches’ qualifications. With that said, the company’s free resource center with a credit dispute how-to guide is a great place to go for assistance.

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