Credit & Debt Definitions A - M

Investopedia's term guide to credit and debt will help you understand the vocabulary around how to manage your finances.

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Couple Checking Bills at Home Using Laptop
Confirmed Letter of Credit: Definition, Example, Vs. Unconfirmed
Back-End Ratio: Definition, Calculation Formula, Vs. Front End
Financial advisor with laptop and paperwork meeting with woman in living room
Credit Application: Definition, Process, Required Information
photo illustration a debit card is seen being used in a chip and pin machine
Address Verification Service (AVS): Definition, Uses, Example
Credit Reporting Agency
Business Woman Using Calculator
Closed-End Credit
An approved credit application
What Is a Credit Agreement? Definition, How It Works, Example
Seated man using a calculator and laptop computer
What Is Credit Scoring? Purpose, Factors, and Role In Lending
Businesswoman checking credit score on laptop
What Is a Credit History? Impact on Scores and Credit Report
A 765 credit report on a desk
Adverse Credit History Defined
Bank the smart way
Credit Control: Understanding Its Guiding Factors & Policies
Double exposure of businessman hand touching engine gear wheels, industrial background.
Credit Quality
Authorized Transaction
Bad Credit
Bad Credit: What You Need to Know
A student consulting his teachers on something while walking through campus.
What Is Consumer Credit? Definition, Advantages and Disadvantages
A digitized representation of a vault door.
Credit Reference
Account Inquiry
Girl Looking at Bank Information on Phone
Account History
Credit Inquiry
Woman signing document in meeting with business professionals.
Clean-Up Requirement
A woman evaluates her credit mix on a tablet computer.
Credit Mix
Consumer Credit File
Available Credit
Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH)
Balance-To-Limit Ratio
Man Using Credit Card Reader, Close-Up
Credit Agency
Baycorp Advantage
Adequate Notice
Woman looking at bills and receipts on the floor
Adjustment Bureau
Country Club Billing