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Investopedia's term guide to credit and debt will help you understand the vocabulary around how to manage your finances.

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Two coworkers review documents.
Open-End Credit: Definition, How It Works, vs. Closed-End Credit
Man meeting with his broker
What Is a Debit Balance in a Margin Account?
A woman reviews paperwork.
Obligor: Definition, Responsibilities, Scenarios, and Types
A man sifts through bills.
Over-Collateralization (OC): Definition, Benefits, and Examples 
Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA): How It Protects Consumers
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Interest Rate Cap Structure: Definition, Uses, and Examples
Margin Debt
What Is Margin Debt and What Are the Pros and Cons of Using It?
A woman shops online with a credit card.
Per-Transaction Fees: Definition, Components, Typical Cost
Couple getting a loan
Default Probability: Definition for Individuals & Companies
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Fully Indexed Interest Rate
A man shopping online with a credit card.
Revolving Account: What They Are, How They Work, Types
Moody's sign outside of headquarters
Moody's Credit and Investor Services Overview
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What Is the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA)? Purpose
A hand holding a credit card over a laptop
Primary Account Holder: Definition, Examples, vs. Secondary
What Is a Triggering Term in Advertising? Definition and Examples
What Notching Debt Means to Credit Rating Agencies
A man uses a credit card shopping online.
Credit Utilization Ratio: Definition, Calculation, and How To Improve
Net in pool with US currency
Rotating Savings and Credit Association (ROSCA): Definition
Man Holding Handful of Us $100 Bills
Standby Line of Credit: Definition, Purposes, Examples
Uniform Consumer Credit Code (UCCC)
National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC)
National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC)
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Cut-Off Score
Credit score meter
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Utilization Fee
Hard Inquiry
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Maximum Loan-to-Value Ratio: Definition, Formula, Examples
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Deficit Net Worth