CreditNerds Credit Repair Review

The Industry’s Only Free Credit Repair Service

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Investopedia’s Rating

Our Take

CreditNerds provides the same credit repair service free of charge that many competitors price at upwards of $70 per month. If all you need is basic assistance disputing items on your credit report, you won’t find a better value. Just be wary of potential upsells to paid services.

  • Pros & Cons
  • Key Takeaways
  • Company Overview
Pros & Cons
  • Free credit repair service

  • Option for paid credit auditing

  • Offers funding services

  • Interactive educational tools

  • Business services available

  • Doesn’t offer credit monitoring

  • Funding services require paid monitoring from a third party

  • No mobile app

Key Takeaways
  • CreditNerds offers its main credit repair service entirely for free.
  • The company makes money by referring customers to third-party affiliate partners.
  • Paid services are also available for individuals and businesses.
Company Overview

CreditNerds was founded in 2007 in Arizona. The company is widely known as the only major credit repair company to provide services completely free, which it does by collecting a commission from referring customers to affiliate partners. In addition to offering credit repair, CreditNerds is also a lending referral service, connecting personal and business customers with financial institutions that are most likely to offer them funding based on their credit profile.

  • Year Founded 2007
  • Kinds of Credit Repair Service Credit disputes, funding, business services
  • Fee Schedule Upfront, free option
  • Monitoring Options Additional fee
  • Customer Service Phone, email, app
  • Official Website


Investopedia’s Rating

If you thought credit repair was a service you always have to pay for, think again. CreditNerds has provided free credit repair to more than 25,000 customers since 2007, helping those with errors on their credit reports navigate the process of disputing them with the credit bureaus.

But the company also offers a number of paid services that can be of value to those who want to improve their credit health or secure funding. We’ve broken down the various free and paid services offered by CreditNerds to help you decide which option is the best choice.

Pros Explained

  • No Upfront Fee: The basic credit repair service has no upfront fees attached to it.
  • Option for paid credit auditing: Those who want a more in-depth professional analysis of their credit can purchase a credit audit.
  • Offers funding services: Whether you need funding for personal or business expenses, education, or purchasing a property, CreditNerds will help match you with the right lender.
  • Interactive educational tools: Free resources include videos, financial calculators, and even fun games for kids.
  • Business services available: Small business owners can get help with financing and pay for an audit of their company’s online presence.

Cons Explained

  • Doesn’t offer credit monitoring: If you want to track your credit repair progress with ongoing monitoring, you’ll have to get it from another company.
  • Funding services require paid monitoring from a third party: Those who want to participate in the CreditNerds funding service must sign up for credit monitoring with their partner, CheckMy3Scores.
  • No mobile app: Some of CreditNerds’ interactive tools aren’t supported on mobile devices.

All About FICO Credit Scores

Types of Services

Although CreditNerds primarily calls itself a credit repair company, it also offers many different services related to funding and small business management. In fact, it’s partially thanks to these various paid services that CreditNerds can provide its basic credit repair package completely free of charge. While there’s no obligation to purchase anything in order to take advantage of free credit repair, some individuals may find that they can benefit from additional services once the dispute process is complete.

Free Credit Repair

CreditNerds’ main claim to fame is its free credit repair service. Through this service, the company examines your credit report and identifies reporting errors or other discrepancies that can be disputed with the credit bureaus.

CreditNerds explains that instead of collecting payment from customers, they make money through affiliate partnerships with other companies. This means that they may have a financial interest in referring you to third-party services. Keep this in mind when receiving recommendations from CreditNerds representatives; it’s always wise to do your own research before purchasing another service based on a referral.

Personal and Business Funding

Whether you’re looking for funding options for your education or your small business, CreditNerds can help. The company has relationships with over 200 banks and uses an algorithm to determine which lenders are most likely to give you a loan. Note that CreditNerds doesn’t originate or service any loans directly, but simply acts as a matchmaking service.

Enrolling in the CreditNerds funding program does not include access to your credit report. The company requires that you create an account with their partner, CheckMy3Scores, and provide your login information to CreditNerds for analysis.

Real Estate Funding

No matter what type of real estate financing you need, CreditNerds will help you choose the right option. The company’s experts can guide you through traditional financing, bank alternatives, property flipping, real estate investments, and more. They generally ask for a minimum FICO score of 650, so you may need to go through the credit repair process or discuss other ways to improve your score before beginning this program.

Optional Add-Ons

In addition to its credit repair and funding services, CreditNerds also presents two optional add-ons, one for individuals and the other tailored toward business owners. They’re designed to be used in tandem with a credit repair or funding service, although it’s perfectly acceptable to purchase either as a standalone service instead.

Credit Auditing

CreditNerds’ free credit repair service covers disputes and removal of incorrect details from your credit report, but it doesn’t include much hands-on guidance regarding other ways to improve your score. Adding a credit audit provides a complete breakdown of your credit report with a step-by-step expert analysis detailing how to reach your optimal credit score.

Business Snapshot

If you own a small business, your online reputation can make or break your success. The CreditNerds business snapshot is an in-depth report that gathers and analyzes all the public information on the internet related to your company. It looks at online review sites, social media presence, website functionality, paid advertisement performance, and more, pointing out potential issues and areas for improvement.

Customer Service

CreditNerds provides the majority of its services online through its web portal. Customers can log in to see updates on their credit repair case, check the status of funding, and get referrals to additional services.

In addition to a customer portal, CreditNerds also offers a robust set of resources that anyone can access for free. The company’s website is filled with videos, how-to guides, and free online courses. Unfortunately, there’s no smartphone app version of these materials and some aren’t supported on mobile devices.

Website aside, CreditNerds is also available by phone and email to those who have a question or need assistance.

Company Reputation

Despite offering credit services since 2007, CreditNerds doesn’t have much of an online footprint. The company also has no complaints on file with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

If you have a complaint about the services of a credit repair company, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or call 877-FTC-HELP.

Contract Duration

Contracts aren’t something you need to worry about with any of CreditNerds’ services. Since credit repair is free, you’re welcome to walk away at any time if you no longer wish to receive assistance. All of CreditNerds’ paid services are priced on a one-time fee basis, so the company doesn’t even offer any monthly memberships that would require a cancellation policy.

CreditNerds may not offer any contract-based services directly, but the company may refer you to third parties that do. Make sure to ask about contract durations and cancellation fees before enrolling in third-party services.


As mentioned, CreditNerds’ main credit repair service is free. If you choose to add a credit audit to your credit repair plan, you’ll be asked to pay a one-time price of $97. Business owners who decide to purchase a business snapshot will also be subject to a single $97 fee.

There are no monthly memberships.

CreditNerds’ funding services may incur a charge depending on the type of loan you need. Personal and business financing is subject to a 9.99% success fee, which is quite high. However, CreditNerds does not take any fees for real estate funding.

The Competition: CreditNerds vs. Lexington Law

It’s hard to compare CreditNerds’ free service to competitors, as no one offers an equivalent without asking for some sort of fee.

Lexington Law’s plans start at $89.95 per month and go up to $129.95 per month for differing levels of service. CreditNerds’ free credit repair service is nearly identical to the entry-level plan that Lexington Law sells at $89.95 monthly. Between the two, it’s hard to see why anyone wouldn’t go for the free equivalent from CreditNerds.

  CreditNerds Lexington Law
Year Founded 2007 2004
Services Offered Credit repair, funding Credit repair
Customer Service Touchpoints Phone, email Phone, email, mobile app
Upfront Fee $0 $0
Monthly Fee $0 $89.95 to $129.95

CreditNerds might not offer the most advanced credit repair service, but it’s hard to argue with free. Unless you have a particularly complicated situation or need help with additional issues like debt settlement or consolidation, CreditNerds should provide all the tools you need to remove legitimate inaccuracies from your credit report. Their $97 credit audit is a great add-on to consider, providing valuable insight for a mere fraction of what competitors charge.

How We Review Credit Repair Companies

We hold credit repair companies to the highest standard in our reviews, taking many different aspects into account to ensure that we only recommend the most respectable services. We analyze each company’s service packages and pricing, looking at contract terms, cancellation policies, and hidden fees. We also look at the types of services provided and compare them to similar companies to gauge value. Finally, we gather third-party data from customers and other sources to check our results against the company’s reputation.

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