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Low Cost but Few Services

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CreditNerds offers a purportedly free credit repair service to customers who opt for a premium credit monitoring account, which costs $39.95/month. While its relatively low cost makes it an enticing option, it has fewer services than certain competitors, and its website lacks some important information.

Pros & Cons

  • Offers a free credit repair consultation

  • Has live chat support

  • Credit audit service available

  • No mobile app

  • Hard inquiry disputes aren’t offered

  • No money-back guarantee

  • Key Takeaways
  • Company Overview
Key Takeaways
  • CreditNerds’ premium members can get free credit repair services.
  • Premium membership costs $39.95/month.
  • Unlike many competitors, CreditNerds does not charge a first work fee.
  • It offers an optional credit audit for a one-time fee of $97.
Company Overview

Founded in 2007 by Eric Counts, CreditNerds is a credit repair service headquartered in Paragould, Arkansas. It was originally named Care Credit Solution and became CreditNerds in 2014. In addition to credit repair, the company also offers business and consumer financing options. 

While CreditNerds has no recent complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), its online footprint is limited and its website lacks information. Customer reviews for CreditNerds aren’t readily available, nor is company history or team information, and it’s unclear in which states it operates.

  • Year Founded 2007
  • Services Offered Credit repair, credit monitoring, identity theft insurance
  • Fee Schedule Monthly
  • Customer Service Phone: (501) 441-2107. Email: Live chat
  • Official Website

CreditNerds has offered credit monitoring, credit repair, and consumer and business financing options since 2007, though the company's website offers no detailed information about its history. It works with credit bureaus and lenders on behalf of its customers to get misleading or inaccurate information removed from consumer credit reports, though it doesn’t send hard inquiry dispute letters. 

Despite this drawback, CreditNerds could be a compelling option if you’re seeking basic credit repair services at an affordable cost. It offers an easily accessible online portal, allowing you to track how the credit repair process is progressing. However, the CreditNerds website offers limited details about its services, so it’s important to do your due diligence before you sign up.

Pros Explained

  • Offers a free credit repair consultation: Those looking for credit help can get a free credit repair consultation with CreditNerds. This could be an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about which services it offers and which are right for you. 
  • Has live chat support: Unlike some competitors, CreditNerds offers a live chat feature, though it’s unclear which hours it’s available.
  • Credit audit service available: A full credit audit is available for a one-time fee of $97. This type of audit could offer some valuable insight into your credit reports.

Cons Explained

  • No mobile app: While CreditNerds does offer an online portal, it doesn’t have an Android or iOS mobile app. 
  • Hard inquiry disputes aren’t offered: Some credit repair companies will send hard inquiry dispute letters to creditors on behalf of customers, but CreditNerds isn’t one of them. Those interested in this option will have to print out inquiry letters from the CreditNerds online portal and mail them to creditors on their own. 
  • No money-back guarantee: Interested in a service that offers a money-back guarantee for a set time period? You’ll need to look elsewhere because CreditNerds doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee.

Types of Services

Certain credit repair companies offer tiered service packages for customers, but CreditNerds offers just one. Its credit repair service is available for free to customers who purchase credit monitoring. Here are the types of services available through this company. 

Credit Monitoring

Credit monitoring involves regularly reviewing your credit reports to track changes and quickly identify suspicious activities. A service like this could help protect your credit from damage if your identity is stolen and someone accesses your information to open an account in your name. The CreditNerds monitoring plan costs $39.95/month and includes up to $100,000 of identity theft insurance coverage, according to a company representative.

Credit Repair

To get access to CreditNerds’ credit repair service you’ll first need to sign up for a credit monitoring account. CreditNerds will then contact your creditors to request that inaccurate, outdated, or unverifiable items be removed from your reports. While it offers hard inquiry dispute letter templates, it will not send these letters on your behalf. Its credit repair services could help improve your credit, but there are no guarantees.

CreditNerds does not offer credit repair services as a standalone option. You need to pay for a credit monitoring account to access these services. 

Consumer and Business Financing

While CreditNerds is not a direct lender, it can help consumers and businesses find financing options through its lending partners. The company has over 200 lending partners and has helped borrowers access $56 million in funding. 

Optional Add-Ons

CreditNerds offers an optional credit audit service for $97. A credit audit involves reviewing all of your credit reports to verify your personal and account information is accurate, inquiries are legitimate, and issues like delinquent payments are correct. 

Company Features

In addition to its services, CreditNerds also offers the following features:

  • Free credit repair consultation: Before you get started with CreditNerds, you can get a free credit repair consultation. This could help you understand which services you need and whether CreditNerds is a good fit for you.
  • Identity theft insurance: When you get a credit monitoring plan through CreditNerds, you’re covered by up to $100,000 in identity theft insurance. 

Customer Service

CreditNerds offers customer support over the phone, via email, or through live chat (which isn’t always available). You can reach a customer support representative by calling (501) 441-2107 or emailing There are no customer service hours posted on the CreditNerds website. 

CreditNerds also provides some information about its services and features on its FAQ page, and you’ll have 24/7 access to your online portal once you’ve signed up for credit monitoring.

Company Reputation

To help assess the reputation of credit repair companies, we looked at whether or not they had recent complaints with the CFPB or FTC. CreditNerds does not have any recent complaints with either entity. 

The company has limited customer reviews on Google and other third-party sites, and it’s not listed on Trustpilot. 

Contract Duration

CreditNerds customers pay by the month, and you don’t need to sign up for a long-term contract. If you need to cancel your service, you can do so without paying a cancellation fee; if you cancel within five days of enrollment, you can get your money back, but you’ll need to mail, fax, or otherwise deliver a written notice to CreditNerds before midnight of the fifth day. 

You can send a letter to the address below, and there may be an option to cancel through the customer portal as well:

3008 W. Kingshighway, Suite 2
Paragould, AR 72450


Unlike many competitors, CreditNerds does not offer tiered credit repair plans. Its customers pay a monthly fee of $39.95 for credit monitoring and credit repair services. You can also get an optional credit audit for a flat fee of $97. Those seeking financing will pay CreditNerds a fee of 9.99% of the total loan amount upon disbursement, and the fee is capped at $4,995. 

CreditNerds does not offer a money-back guarantee if you choose to cancel because you’re dissatisfied with your results. Some credit repair services offer generous money-back guarantees that allow you to cancel after a few months if you’re unhappy. 

How to Choose a Credit Repair Company

There’s a lot to think about if you’re seeking help from a credit repair company. As you compare options, consider the following:

  • Cost: The cost of service is a key consideration. Most credit repair companies are transparent about their pricing, but if you have questions about costs, speak to a representative for more information. 
  • Features offered: Do you want a service that gives you access to debt management or personal budgeting tools in addition to credit repair? Comparing services and features can help you find an option that best meets your needs.
  • Customer support: If you have concerns about the information on your credit reports, you need to be able to connect with customer support. Review each company’s customer service options to determine how you can connect with a representative.
  • Discounts: Certain credit repair companies offer special discounts for certain customers. For instance, members of the military may be able to get a lower cost on credit repair services, depending on the company they choose to work with.
  • Cancellation policy: Do you need to sign up for a contract? Or can you cancel your service at any time? Review company cancellation policies to determine if they align with your needs.

Alternative Choices

CreditNerds offers relatively affordable credit repair services, but certain competitors offer tiered plans or customizable services. You won’t get this benefit with CreditNerds. If you’d prefer a credit repair company that offers different service levels for different customers, you might consider these companies instead.

  CreditNerds Sky Blue  Credit Saint 
Services Offered Credit monitoring
Identity theft insurance
Credit monitoring
Hard inquiry disputes
Debt management
Credit monitoring
Identity theft insurance
Hard inquiry disputes 
Max. Number of Monthly Disputes  Unlimited (but no hard inquiry disputes)  Unlimited  Unlimited 
Letters to Creditors/Bureaus  Not disclosed  Debt validation, Goodwill letters, Cease & desist  Not disclosed 
First Work Fee  N/A  $79.00  $99.00 
Monthly Fee  $39.95  $79.00  $79.99 
Customer Service Platforms  Phone, email, live chat  Phone, email, ticket  Phone, email, ticket, live chat 

Final Verdict

CreditNerds offers one level of credit repair services for all its customers. While its services are fairly affordable, another company may be a better option if you’re looking for tiered plans or customized features. Those who prefer having a company send hard inquiry disputes on their behalf will need to look elsewhere. 

Overall, CreditNerds could work if you’re seeking standard credit repair services without too many bells and whistles. It’s also a good option if cost is a primary consideration. However, the lack of information on its website is a cause for concern. Compare companies before signing up with CreditNerds.

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Our team evaluated 17 credit repair companies and collected over 600 data points before selecting our top choices. We weighed 39 criteria, giving the highest weights to those that are the most significant for customers.

The top picks were selected based on:

  • Costs and fees (weighted 40.5% in total)
  • Services offered (34%)
  • Customer experience (22.5%)
  • Stability (3%)

We took into account factors like how many disputes will be sent per month, what kinds of dispute letters will be sent, cancellation and return policies, and how long companies have been in business. This information was used in our company star ratings and best picks.

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