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  1. The Amazon of Cannabis

    As interest in marijuana companies goes up, one stock is poised to separate from the rest
  2. Morgan Stanley Halts Research Coverage of Tesla, Shares Rise

    Brokerage Morgan Stanley has suspended equity coverage on Tesla Inc, hinting that the U.S. bank may be doing business directly ...
  3. Amazon, Goldman May Buy Large Indian Grocery Chain

    Amazon is reportedly teaming up with Goldman Sachs to acquire Birla’s More retail chain.
  4. Weirdest Bitcoin Hard Forks

    From an ever-growing list of hard forks, these three might be the strangest.
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Top Searched Definitions

  1. Conference Of State Bank Supervisors - CSBS

    The Conference of State Bank Supervisors is a national organization designed to advance the ideas and professionalism of ...
  2. Silent Bank Run

    A silent bank run is a situation in which a bank's depositors withdraw funds en masse without physically entering the bank. ...
  3. VEB (Venezuelan Bolivar)

    The VEB is the currency abbreviation for Venezuelan bolivar, which was the currency for Venezuela from 1879 to January 2 ...
  4. Deferred Availability

    Deferred availability is a delay in the availability of funds to the holder of a commercial bank account upon depositing ...
  5. Charging Order

    A charging order is a court-ordered creditor lien on the distributions of a limited partnership (LP) or limited liability ...
  6. Checkless Society

    A checkless society is a hypothetical term that embraces the notion of a world that processes all financial transactions ...
  7. Morris Plan Bank

    A Morris Plan bank is a type of bank first established in 1910 to lend money to individuals who couldn't obtain loans from ...
  8. Off-Premise Banking

    Off-premise banking is any bank location, other than its main location, that provides banking services of any kind that don't ...
  9. Mini-Branch

    A mini-branch is a special type of bank branch that offers only limited products and services to its customers.
  10. Business Automobile Policy (BAP)

    A business automobile policy (BAP) covers the vehicles a company uses in the course of carrying out its business.
  11. Expedited Funds Availability Act - EFAA

    The Expedited Funds Availability Act (EFAA) was implemented to regulate the hold periods on deposits made to commercial banks. ...
  12. Error Resolution

    Error resolution is a procedure that allows consumers to dispute bookkeeping errors or unauthorized transactions in their ...

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