Fact Checker

Resides In

Brighton, Michigan


Luther College


Accounting, Business, Economics


  • Worked with an online education platform working to finalize and publish test and homework questions and answers for their accounting, business and economic Answer Library.
  • Score SAT and ELPAC essays and written responses.
  • Previously was a small business owner


Elisabeth started in supplier relations working at a relocation company, and worked as a youth director at her church while growing her photography and photo-booth business, providing services to 100+ brides. She has worked as a standardized test scorer, scoring SAT essays and English proficiency tests, and worked with an online education platform reviewing accounting, business and economic Answer Library pages.


Elisabeth received a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Luther College.

Quote from Elisabeth Christopherson

Reviewing and fact checking is a way to make sure that whoever is reading an article is getting the very best product available, and that brings me an immense amount of joy.