Financial Journalist

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Portland, Oregon


University of Oregon


  • 5+ years writing on retirement, investing, banking, credit cards, travel, student loans, mortgages, small business, public policy, and economics
  • Several years as a digital marketing consultant for businesses in the sustainable tourism industry
  • Former admissions and financial aid counselor


Elizabeth's financial writing has appeared in Business Insider, The Motley Fool, Bankrate, LendingTree, USA Today, ValuePenguin, Lendio, Yahoo! Finance, MSN Money, Glassdoor, Student Loan Hero, and more. Some of her favorite topics to cover include credit card rewards and travel hacking, wealth-building, and economic policy.

She's also worked with countless small businesses in the sustainable tourism space to grow their digital presence by leveraging quality content, SEO best practices, and social media. While consulting in the tourism industry, Elizabeth traveled to 35+ countries and lived abroad for five years. She writes creative nonfiction on the side that combines memoir with elements of history, politics, botany, and zoology from the places she's traveled through.


Elizabeth received her B.S. in economics and B.A. in philosophy from the University of Oregon as well as minors in Latin American studies and communications. She also took some MFA classes in creative writing from the Savannah College of Art and Design as a non-degree seeking student.

Quote from Elizabeth Aldrich

"There's a lot of talk in personal finance about responsibility, self-discipline, security. All of those things are important. But they aren't really the heart and soul of what's at stake when we talk about money management. Personal finance is about being optimistic and hopeful for the future. Every time you pay off debt, or save money, or invest, you're saying to yourself, 'I believe in my future self, and I want them to enjoy their life.' In many ways, getting serious about your finances is one of the truest acts of self-care."