University of Texas—Austin

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Emily Starbuck Gerson


  • Professional journalist covering personal finance for more than 14 years
  • Expert on LGBTQ+ and military financial topics
  • Previously a full-time writer at and NerdWallet


Emily Starbuck Gerson embarked on her journalism career right out of college in 2007, serving as a writer at when the recession hit. She also spent a year as a marketing writer at a major credit union, where she learned the inner workings of a financial institution. Emily later spent three years as a staff writer at financial website NerdWallet, covering everything from mortgages to insurance to investing.

She has held other editorial positions at companies in other industries, and for the last few years, Emily has been a full-time freelance writer for a variety of websites and publications. This has been especially handy since Emily and her wife, an Air Force service member, are currently stationed in England. While Emily focuses on personal finance, she also covers topics including LGBTQ+ rights, military, and caregiving.

In June 2019, Emily won the “Excellence in Long-Form Journalism” Award from the NLGJA—The Association of LGBTQ Journalists for a piece she wrote for national LGBTQ site INTO (no longer in operation). 


Emily holds a Bachelor's degree in communications from the University of Texas—Austin.