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Howell, NJ


William Paterson University


Accounting, Banking, Corporate Finance, Credit Cards, Debt, Economics, Financial Planning, Fintech, General Business, Loans—Personal/Auto/Home, Personal Finance, Retirement, Taxes (Business), Taxes (Personal)


  • Member of Investopedia's Financial Review Board
  • Experience with both large and small business
  • Independent Insurance Broker—Life, Property, and Casualty


After graduating college, Eric's first day on the job as a financial institution auditor was September 15, 2008. This was a traumatic day for the economy as the stock market crashed and several prominent banks found themselves in a tough situation. Eric continued this for several years before switching his focus to the world of taxation. 

After serving in various financial roles for over a decade, Eric made the switch to the insurance industry. He is currently a duly licensed Independent Insurance Broker offering a full suite of insurance products, which include Life, Home, Auto, & Business.  Eric's passion is supporting the cause of American entrepreneurship.


 William Paterson University—Bachelors Degree in Accounting

Quote from Eric Estevez

 "The best investment is in yourself."