Assistant Professor of Business & Finance

Resides In

Saint Louis, MO


Maryville University


Banking, Bankruptcy, Credit Cards, Cryptocurrency, Debt, Divorce, Economics, Financial Planning, Fintech, Foreclosure, General Business, Insurance - Health Insurance, Insurance - Life Insurance, Insurance - Other Insurance, Investing, Loans - Personal/Auto/Home, Loans - Student, Mortgages, Personal Finance, Real Estate, Real Estate Taxes, Retirement


  • Day-to-day practical personal financial planning.
  • Financial therapy and taking charge of writing your own money story.
  • Using technology to boost your financial planning success.


Dr. Rasure is an expert at getting people to think and be self-reflective, which is why she made it her mission to reconcile the technical side of personal financial planning with the more holistic side of the human condition. She gravitates toward financial therapy, a more psychologically focused version of financial planning that draws from other disciplines, including behavioral economics, personal finance, psychology, and marriage and family therapy—meeting regularly with business owners and individuals for over a decade.

In addition to providing practical personal financial planning guidance and financial therapy, Dr. Rasure recognizes that the broader and more modern use of technology informs financial behavior and decision-making with personalized, data-driven experiences derived from apps. In helping people find the courage to write their own money story and be proud to read it aloud, she actively encourages those she works with to integrate tech tools—such as personal financial planning apps—to rise to the challenges native to the complex cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and relational aspects of personal finance.


  • PhD in Personal Financial Planning—Kansas State University
  • M.S. in Consumer and Family Economics—University of Missouri
  • B.A. in Law, Philosophy and Rhetoric; Minor in Political Science—Stephens College