Frequently Asked Questions for Advisor Insights Members

There are two ways for members to participate on Investopedia’s Advisor Insights: answering questions through the dashboard, and submitting articles for publication. More general FAQs about Advisor Insights can be found here

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Advisor Insights Perks

Advisor Insights Dashboard

How do I log into my dashboard?

To access the Advisor Insights Dashboard (where you can edit your profile and answer questions): go to, and use the email and password you chose when applying.

If needed, you can reset your password by clicking “forgot your password” or following the instructions on this page:

*Tip: We recommend that you bookmark the dashboard on your browser so it’s easy to find.

How can I answer questions on Investopedia?

You can answer investor questions through the dashboard. Once you’re logged in, use the filters on the left-hand side (”Filter by Topic,” “Filter by Status,” and “Filter by Type”) to narrow down your search for questions you might want to answer. Three topics will always be checked off based on the preferred “Areas of Expertise” you selected when you joined Advisor Insights, but you can always uncheck and check as many options as you’d like.

If you’re looking for even more specific questions--for example, questions pertaining to social security, divorce, or student loans--use the search box right above the filters to search for exact terms/keywords that you’d like to see in the questions. When using this option, we recommend that you also expand your selected topics to “Select All Topics,” so as to optimize the keyword search.

Once you see a question that you’d like to answer, click on the blue “Answer Question” button, and a text box will open in a new tab where you can type your answer. When you click “Submit,” your answer is immediately published on Advisor Insights.

Alternatively, you can save the question and answer it later by clicking on the grey “Bookmark” button.

This saves the question under the “Bookmarks” tab on the left, where you can find and answer any questions that you’ve saved. This feature can also be used for compliance purposes (see below).

To edit an answer once it’s been published, you can find it under the “Answers” tab on the left-hand side, where all of your answers are stored and can be edited.

What are some best practices for answering questions?

Our readers tend to prefer answers that are around 200 words or more. However, if you see that your answer is approaching the 500 word mark, feel free to turn it into an article! (Article Tips and Guidelines here).

Answers should address the reader’s question directly; however, you can feel free to make assumptions if not enough information is provided by the reader who asked the question. Remember that you’re not only answering that one person’s question - thousands of other Investopedia readers who are searching for this information will see your answer as well.

Answers should not be self-promotional. Additionally, please do not include a signature - readers will already see your name, picture, location, and website, and will have the opportunity to request a free consultation with you. (Our moderators will remove signatures if we see them).

It is not recommended to include more than 1-2 links to external sites in your answer, and we suggest only including them if they are essential to the points you’re making. Remember, any information you provide will influence the impression readers have of you as an advisor. Links to irrelevant content may distract investors from reading future answers you post.

You cannot include images and charts in your answer. However, you can insert a link to an image, if necessary, and you can create a table using the “table” feature in the “Answer Question” box.

Can I see answers that other advisors have submitted?

Yes! If you click on the question itself, you’ll be directed to the question’s page, which also displays all of the previous answers.

Note that in the dashboard, questions with other answers will be blue and can be clicked on, while unanswered questions will be black and cannot be clicked.

What if I disagree with something another advisor is saying?

Advisor Insights was designed as a space for advisors to provide financial education for Investopedia’s readers. If you see something that you disagree with, say something! That way, readers will have multiple responses to consider when making any financial choices.

That being said, be sure to always provide a balanced view in all of your content--both answers and articles. For example, while it’s fine to discuss what investors should focus on when searching for financial advisors, we don’t recommend that you call out advisors or firms by name. Likewise, when discussing potential products that investors use,  make sure that you’re providing a balanced view (pros and cons) and backing up your claims with sources.

We encourage healthy debate, but remember Advisor Insights is not a platform for inflammatory and defamatory opinions. Keep in mind that you’re showing your bedside manner to potential clients!

There are too many answers for the questions that I want to answer. Should I still answer it?

Any answer that you contribute on Investopedia is also published on your individual profile, which is ultimately what you’re trying to build. When potential clients are looking you up, they’ll see only your expertise on your page, so as long as you’re providing quality answers for your profile, it shouldn’t matter to you if other advisors have already answered the same questions.

Should I only be answering questions that were published recently?

Many of Investopedia’s 27 million monthly unique visitors are looking for similar information, meaning that even if a question was posed by an investor months ago, someone else will still search for that information in the future. As such, answering older questions is still a useful way to market your expertise, because newer investors will be able to view your answer when they find the question.

Where can I view my previous answers?

You can find any of your previous answers under the “Answers” tab on the left-hand side of your dashboard, where all of your answers are stored and can be edited.

What is the helpfulness rating, and how do I get one of those?1

In the “Answers” tab, you’ll also find your individual helpfulness rating for each answer you posted. Below that figure, you’ll see the aggregate helpfulness rating for all answers posted by advisors to that specific question. Please note answers only receive a helpfulness rating if that advisor has a profile that allows the thumbs up/thumbs down capability, and if at least one reader has voted.

These helpfulness ratings are all from readers, who can upvote or downvote an answer, and they ultimately feed into your profile’s overall helpfulness rating. This overall rating on your profile was designed by our data sciences team based on user feedback, and is determined by: 1. reader votes, 2. average word count of your answers and articles, and 3. the number of answers and articles you publish. So if you want to earn a high helpfulness rating, we recommend publishing clear, robust answers to reader questions and insightful, unique articles.

1Note: most broker-dealer/hybrid advisors do not have a helpfulness rating as it is viewed as an endorsement and an interactive feature by compliance.

I need to edit my profile... where can I make changes?

Changes to your profile can be made through the dashboard. At the top right, by your picture and name, there’s a dropdown menu with the option for you to edit your profile.

Here are some things that you can change:

  1. Your name: your name should match the name you include on your official corporate website. This is the name that will appear on all content you publish on Investopedia, that you’re quoted in on Investopedia, and that is sent to Investopedia’s syndication partners. Please do not include any titles, designations, or nicknames in the name field.
  2. Your profile picture: your photo should be a professional, high-resolution headshot in .jpg or .png format. For more information on how to select a photo, see here.
  3. Email address: keep in mind that if you change your email address, it will become the email address that you use to login.
    1. CC email addresses: you can use this feature to notify your assistant, marketing personnel and/or compliance department of when you 1) answer a question, b) edit an answer, or c) edit your profile. If you include a CC email address for compliance, please email to inform our team so that we can include also include compliance on the emails we send when your articles are published.
  1. Change Password: if you need to change your password, you can always do so by logging into the dashboard and managing your preferences.
  2. Certifications: you can add multiple certifications and licenses to your profile by clicking “Add Another.”
  3. CRD #: this is used to 1. Differentiate between advisors with similar names and 2. Confirm for potential readers and investors that you are, in fact, an advisor registered with the SEC or FINRA.
  4. Areas of Expertise: we require that advisors select exactly three areas of expertise, which will also be the three “topics” automatically selected in the filters on the dashboard. If you have more areas of expertise, feel free to include them in your biography. If you have less, please select the three that most closely represent your practice.
  5. Location: although some advisors have more than one location in which they practice, advisors can only list one in this field. If you have more than one location (including virtual advising), we recommend that you include that in your biography.
  1. Professional Website/LinkedIn/Facebook Page URLs: the links to your sites that you add will appear on your profile, allowing Investopedia readers to access your presence on other networks. Your website URL will also be displayed next to all of your content!
  2. Which services you provide?: please list the services you want readers and potential clients to see.
  3. What best classifies your practice?
  4. Are you an FPA member?: here you can choose to have the FPA logo appear on your profile, if you are an FPA member.
  5. Personal Headline: we recommend that your personal headline be no longer than 1-2 sentences--keep it short and sweet! Consider this your mission statement and a brief introduction to your practice.
  6. Personal Bio: this is where you can give readers an overview of your experience and tell them what they need to know about you. This section is also where you can include information that you didn’t have space for anywhere else, such as a second location, additional areas of expertise, etc.
  7. Firm’s Name
  1. Job Title
  2. Do you manage assets: in this field, selecting “Yes” requires that you include your AUM. If you manage assets but do not want to disclose your AUM, select “No,” and the field will not show up on your profile.
  3. Education (Add another)
  4. Degree (Add another)
  5. Fee Structure (Add another)
  6. Insurance License
  7. Youtube Video URL: if you have videos that you’d like included on your profile, this is the place to do it! Unfortunately, the videos can only be in Youtube format.
  8. Legal Disclaimer/disclosure: Investopedia includes a disclaimer below all profiles, but you can also include your individual legal disclaimer in this space. This will also show up on your profile where links to your content are posted.

Investopedia sends me too many emails. How do I unsubscribe?

Most of the emails sent from Investopedia and Advisor Insights need to be unsubscribed from individually. That is, for each type of email, (Page view/Followers/Quoted in an article, etc.) you will need to click ‘unsubscribe’ once at the bottom of each one to stop receiving them completely.

The easiest way to do this is through the dashboard. In the top right corner, there’s a dropdown menu with the option to “manage preferences.” From there, you can unsubscribe from anything that currently has a check mark. Keep in mind that if you unsubscribe from a specific email, the corresponding metrics sent to you in that email will not be recorded. For example, if you unsubscribe from the Page view emails, we will not be able to track your page views.

Unfortunately, the Friday emails (“Advisor Insights Questions are Waiting for You”) don’t have an opt-out option through the dashboard, but, again, each advisor can unsubscribe individually at the bottom of those emails.

My dashboard says I have one follower. Who is this follower, and how do I get more?2

First things first: you are your #1 follower! The follower feature is part of an email newsletter feature service, where Investopedia will create and distribute a custom newsletter with your insights to your followers. This newsletter goes out weekly to your followers, but only if you publish three answers or one article on Advisor Insights by Monday night.

To get more followers, we recommend that you publish some content, and then share your profile with your social media networks. You can do so by using the social media icons in the dashboard. When you click on any of the icons, you’ll be prompted to log into your professional Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn pages, and then a link to your profile will appear with the option for you to add some text--for example: “I’m a contributor on Investopedia. Follow me to see my insights!”

In addition, since the “Follow” button is included next to your profile, your answers, and your articles, the more you answer questions and publish articles on Investopedia, the greater the opportunity to gain more followers.

2Note that if you have a Broker-Dealer profile, you will not have the “Follow” feature on your profile because compliance considers “followers” to be an endorsement.

Can I see who my followers are?

Besides yourself, you won’t be able to see who your other followers are because we keep our readers anonymous. However, you’ll receive an email notifying you every time you get a new follower.

Moreover, your custom newsletter that your followers receive will have a “Schedule Consultation” button, which gives your followers the opportunity to engage further with you, if they’re interested in doing so.

Questions? Have recommendations on how to improve the dashboard? Email us at!


Publishing Articles

How do I submit articles?

Please submit your articles to our editors through this form:

Once you’ve submitted your article, a confirmation email will be sent to the address you provide. If your article is accepted, no further action is required from you. It will be added to our editorial queue, and we’ll send you a link to the article when it is published on Investopedia. Our timeline for publishing articles is 1-3 weeks, depending on the volume of articles we are currently receiving.

If we cannot publish your article because it does not meet our Editorial Standards, one of our editors will contact you with feedback. You may have the opportunity to revise and resubmit your article. To increase your chances of getting your writing published, please review our complete Editorial Guidelines.

All articles are edited for spelling, grammar and clarity, and to optimize the title and body of the article for search engine traffic. Our editors will remove self-promotional material if necessary. However, they will not remove significant or substantive content from the articles. If you have any images in the body of your article, please make sure that you have permission to use them.

What are the editorial guidelines?

The editorial guidelines can be found here, but see below for an abbreviated version. For articles to be approved, they should:

  1. Be at least 500 words, and no more than 1500 words long
  2. Be original to the advisor, meaning that they cannot be purchased from third-parties, and can’t have been published by another third-party (except for the advisor’s own website/blog, LinkedIn, and social media pages)
  3. Not be self-promotional in nature
  4. Not pertain to market commentary/individual securities or be too timely. Essentially, articles should be evergreen and somehow tie into personal finance/financial planning.

Where will my article be published?

Once it’s live, your article will be published in relevant sections of Investopedia (e.g., an article about 401(k)s will be published under our “Retirement” page, alongside Investopedia-written content).

We also send your article to our social media marketing team for consideration on our social media pages, and in our daily and weekly email newsletters that are curated for our readers.

Lastly, we send your content to our syndication partners--CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Nasdaq, and MSN--who may decide to pick up your article and run it on their site as well!

What happens if my article is picked up by a syndication partner?

If your article is posted on our social media pages or republished by our syndication partners, we will email you to let you know.

Please note that, as per our agreements with our syndication partners, we can’t tell them how to format individual advisor articles, headlines, or bylines. They pick up the Investopedia articles as is, they may make some changes to headlines and bylines per our agreements, but the content will remain the same as your original Investopedia article.

My article is live on Investopedia, but there’s an error. What can I do?

Let us know right away! Even when your article is live, we can make edits to the article. The sooner you let us know, the faster we can make the correction.

If you have any other questions about publishing articles or recommendations for improving the process, please feel free to email your suggestions to!



I can’t log into my dashboard!

If you can’t log into your dashboard, you may have to reset your password by clicking “forgot your password” or following the instructions on this page. This is most likely the issue if we created your profile for you.

If your email is not being recognized during the above process, double-check to confirm that you’re using the email address that is associated with your Advisor Insights profile (as some advisors have multiple emails). If you still can’t log in, please email so that we can confirm the login email for you.

I can’t see all of the filters.

The left-hand side of the your screen in the dashboard should show three filters (FILTER BY TOPIC, FILTER BY STATUS, AND FILTER BY TYPE). This side of the dashboard does not scroll, so if you cannot see the three filters, your screen may be zoomed in too much. If you have a second screen, open the dashboard on the larger screen. If you have one screen, zoom out on your browser.

I can’t find questions that I’m interested in answering.

The purpose of the platform is to ensure that you are displaying your expertise on Investopedia, so be sure to utilize the search box and the filters in the dashboard. If you’re looking for very specific questions--for example, questions pertaining to divorce, HSAs, or student loans--use the search box right above the filters to search for words pertaining to your niche (for example, if you’re looking for questions on student loans, trying a range of terms such as “college,” “student,” or “school” may give you more options than “student loans” alone).

When using this option, it’s recommended that you also expand your selected topics to “Select All Topics,” so as to optimize the keyword search.

I’m not getting emails from Advisor Insights.

If you’re suddenly not receiving emails from us or opted-out of emails from us, you can always opt back in through your dashboard. On the top right corner, there’s a dropdown menu with the option to “manage preferences.” From there, you can subscribe to anything that doesn’t have a check mark. For Advisor Insights, see “Advisor Email Preferences” to change settings for the following emails:

  • Quoted in an Investopedia Article
  • Perks Program
  • Page views
  • New Follower Notification

If you already are subscribed, double-check to ensure that our emails are not going to your ‘Spam’ or ‘Clutter’ folders. Also, make sure to add to your safe senders list so that you receive our automated emails.

If you’re still not receiving our emails, please email so that we can investigate the issue.

I’m not sure what a high-resolution photo should look like.

To make sure your profile picture and (at 100 contributions) your customized geo-targeted display ad looks great, please send us a professional headshot image that is:

  • A .JPG or .PNG file
  • At least 800px wide and 800px tall (it does not have to be square, and often a head shot will be taller than it is wide).
  • High resolution (looks sharp and not blurry)
  • Preferably taken indoors and without a distracting background

High resolution, large photos work best. You can tell if your image is the right size by checking that it looks sharp (not blurry or pixelated) at 800px wide. Here’s an example of a high resolution photo vs. a low resolution. The image you send us should not be blurry if you enlarge it or zoom in on it.


Will my compliance department allow me to participate?

That’s for you to find out. While we do have agreements with some broker-dealers, you’ll have to check with your individual compliance department to confirm how you can participate on the platform.

To accommodate any compliance concerns, we’ve created three unique Advisor Insights experiences, ranging from a full RIA experience, a hybrid static/dynamic option, or a completely static profile. If your compliance department approves the static option, you can publish on Investopedia Advisor Insights just you would with another static publisher (like The Wall Street Journal or Barron’s). Here are the three options:

  • Broker-Dealer Friendly Static Q&A + Articles Profile: Advisors can publish compliance-approved thought leadership articles and answer investor questions with compliance-approved responses. There are no interactive features and advisors will not appear on the leaderboard.
  • Broker-Dealer Friendly Static Articles Only Profile: Advisors can only publish compliance-approved thought leadership articles – they do not have access to the Q&A dashboard and therefore cannot participate in the Q&A section. There are no interactive features and advisors will not appear on the leaderboard.
  • RIA Profile: Advisors can publish thought leadership articles and answer investor questions. They also have a Follow button on their profile which allows them to have our readers follow their insights. They also have the ability to be on the leaderboard and can earn a helpfulness rating.

    How can compliance monitor and approve my content?

    We’ve devised several ways for your compliance department to monitor and approve your content on Advisor Insights. To know which methods to use, first find out if compliance needs to approve your content before it’s submitted to Investopedia, or if they simply need to be able to monitor your content once it’s live in real-time.3

    Pre-Submission Process:

    • Q&A: Once you find a question in your dashboard that you want to answer, bookmark it so that it’s saved under the “Bookmarks” tab. Then, in an email, send the actual question and your response to your compliance department for review. Many times advisors will send a few questions and answers to be reviewed all at one time. Once compliance approves the answer(s), you can go back into your dashboard, find the question under “Bookmarks,” and submit your compliance-approved answer. Your answer will then be live on Investopedia.
    • Articles: Before you send us the article you want to publish, send it to compliance to review and approve. Once it’s approved, submit it to our editors through this form: Please note that all articles go through a standard editing process so that they adhere to Investopedia’s style guide. We will not make any substantial changes to the content of your article during the editing process. Once your article is published, we can make changes to the final version if necessary. If your article requires a disclosure, please include in the submission form every time you submit an article.

      Post-Submission Process:

      • You can add your compliance officer as a CC email address to your account that allows him/her to receive an email every time you: 1) answer a question, b) edit an answer, or c) edit your profile. Other emails, such as page view or perks emails will not go to the CC email address, just to your email address.
        • If you include a CC email address for compliance, please email to inform our team so that we can also include compliance on emails sent individually, for example, when your articles are published.
      • The email that you and your compliance department receive will document the post and/or change that has been made (i.e., the actual answer to the question you responded to, the actual article you published, the edits that were made to the answer, etc.). These notification emails allow a compliance officer/department to keep an eye on an advisor’s participation on Advisor Insights.

      3Note: If you’d like, you can both send your answers and articles to compliance prior to submitting it and can add a compliance officer/department’s email address to your account for monitoring purposes.

      Is my content archived somewhere?

      Investopedia Advisor Insights has an archiving process in place. As mentioned above, every time you 1) answer a question, 2) publish an article, 3) edit an answer, or 4) edit your profile, you will receive an email with the 1) answer you submitted, 2) the article you published, 3) the edits made to the answer/article, and 4) the profile edits made. These emails are sent right to your inbox and therefore will feed right into your archiving system (e.g., Erado, Smarsh, etc).

      Your answers are also always saved in your dashboard, and your answers and articles will always be on your profile.

      If I get leads, how will compliance be able to monitor that?

      The “Schedule Consultation” button takes readers to a form that they fill out on Investopedia. The form is then submitted to Investopedia’s team to review. Investopedia will speak with the investor and make sure they are genuinely interested in finding and hiring a financial advisor. If it’s a good fit, Investopedia will reach out to you by email and ask you if you’d be interested in connecting with this warm lead. Since our contact with you about leads will be via email, it will be archived like all emails are archived (see above).

      Where can I find all of this information to send to compliance?

      If compliance has any additional questions, please let us know and we can send them a more detailed PDF about Advisor Insights profile types and the submission process. If they approve of any of the profile types, please let us know so we can get you up and running! We are also happy speak to your compliance officer over the phone on your behalf.

      If you have any other questions about our compliance solutions or recommendations for improving the process, please feel free to email your suggestions to!


      Can I see how many people are looking at my content?

      We don’t provide page view reporting on an ad hoc basis, but you’ll receive automated email reports with your page view metrics when your articles and answers reach certain thresholds of page views: 1k, 3k, 5k, and every 5k from there on up. As you continue contributing, the page view emails will break down your page views per individual answer or article.

      The email will also show you how many impressions you’ve received for your content on Facebook. These impressions are the number of unique people exposed to your article byline in their Facebook newsfeed, either through your promotion or ours.

      How can I see how many followers I have?

      Besides the emails that you receive every time you get a new follower, you can always track the number of followers you have through your dashboard (on the top right) or on your profile (next to your number of answers and articles).

      How can I see how many answers and articles I’ve published?

      You can see how many answers and articles you’ve published on your profile page. Please note that your profile page will also count any Investopedia articles you are quoted in, but these do not count towards your perks.

      How can I track my perks?

      We will send you emails when you’re close to reaching your perks, and once you reach them. Be sure to read the emails thoroughly and follow any instructions in them (e.g.,be sure to confirm with us that you’d like to claim your marketing video).

      Tell me some Advisor Insights stats! How many page views do advisors get on the platform?

      Advisors on the platform average 50,000 page views a year! Better yet, there are some advisors that have over a million page views! This is contingent on participation, as advisors who publish more content have more opportunities to be viewed both by Investopedia’s readers and our syndication partners’ audiences.

      Keep in mind that, although answers can be easier to write and publish, articles tend to receive more page views because they can be promoted more robustly--through Investopedia topic pages, Advisor Insights pages, email newsletters, social media pages, and syndication partners.

      How many articles are picked up by our syndication partners?

      Although syndication is at our partners’ discretion, we’ve noticed that on average they pick up around 10% of Advisor Insights content.

      How many leads have advisors received?

      While our leadgen feature is relatively new, we’ve had several advisors sign clients through Advisor Insights. Approximately 70% of leads that advisors received came through their answers and articles, so the more you write, the more opportunity there is for people to click on the “Schedule Consultation” button! You can learn more here about the leads we send to advisors.

      If you have any other questions or feedback about our analytics or lead generation, please feel free to email your suggestions to!

      Advisor Insights Perks

      Do these cost anything?

      The perks, like everything else on the platform, are free. We created these perks to both incentivize and thank contributing advisors for their participation.

      Are the perks cumulative, or do I have to reach them in a certain amount of time?

      Perks are cumulative. Whenever you reach 10 contributions, we’ll provide you with press opportunities, at 25 contributions, we’ll provide a marketing video, etc.

      Press Opportunities

      Where should I submit my response to the journalists?

      You can respond directly to the reporter at the email address in the “contact” field of the inquiry.

      The press opportunities queries tend to have lengthy questions, but require that answers should be 2 - 3 sentences. What’s the best way to approach this?

      We recommend sending two or three sentences on one or more of the specific points included in the request. That way, the editors can use your quote to elaborate on something or use it for emphasis.

      Can you please send me a copy of the article that this quote will accompany before it’s published for compliance? And can you add a disclosure to the article?

      We cannot send the article to advisors before it’s live, and we can’t guarantee that reporters can add disclosures to articles. If you anticipate that this will be an issue, we would recommend that you do not respond to press opportunities.

      I’ve submitted several quotes, but have yet to be quoted. Why?

      Since multiple advisors send in quotes for each request, it may take some time for your quotes to be featured. Moreover, it just takes some time for reporters to organize, review, and post stories, so your quote may be coming up soon!

      Marketing Video

      Does Investopedia use my marketing video in any way? Do I have the rights to it?

      Investopedia doesn’t post the video anywhere—it belongs to you and it’s meant to be a marketing tool for you to use in whatever way you choose. However, we certainly encourage that you include the video on your Advisor Insights profile since it, too, is a place to market yourself.

      I need to have changes made to my video, what can I do?

      We can only make edits that pertain to onscreen text or transitions between frames, and we request that advisors inform us of suggested edits within 2-3 days of receiving the video proof. As such, if you anticipate that your compliance requires a disclaimer on the video, please inform us or the production team before the production team arrives to shoot your video, and please e sure to send us the desired text.

      Term of the Day Feature

      What IS the Term of the Day Newsletter?

      The Term of the Day newsletter is an Investopedia newsletter that goes out to one million subscribers daily. When you reach this perk, we’ll allow you to pick a term from a list of Investopedia’s most popular finance terms, and we’ll feature your picture, profile, website, and location in our newsletter next to that term. If you have any published articles that pertain to the term you choose, we’d be happy to feature it in the newsletter as well to boost its exposure! For an example of a newsletter, click here.

      My favorite term is not listed in the list of available terms for advisors. What should I do?

      We strongly recommend that you select a term from the list of available terms, as these terms were carefully curated to ensure that they are high-traffic terms that haven’t been used recently. As such, any term on this list is more likely to be of interest to our one million subscribers than a term not on the list.

      How is the Term of the Day newsletter distributed, and how will I know when it’s sent?

      This newsletter gets emailed to our readers who subscribe to the Term of the Day newsletter. We’ll forward you the newsletter on the Monday that it goes live in case you’re not subscribed, and if you’d like to subscribe to the newsletter, you can do so through your dashboard under “Manage Preferences.”

      Geo-targeted Display Advertising

      What is geo-targeted display advertising?

      When you earn this perk, we will run 50,000 impressions of display advertising on Investopedia, featuring you and targeted to investors in your local area.

      Where does the ad run, and how will I know when it’s live?

      We will begin running the ad once you approve the ad. The ad is placed on various channel pages on Investopedia, and only shows up for readers who are within your selected target location, so there’s no single place for us to direct you to see the live ad. If you click around the site (and don’t have an ad-blocker on), you might come across it!

      If you have any other questions or feedback about our perks, please feel free to email your suggestions to!