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  1. Commercial Property Insurance

    Commercial property insurance is used to cover any type of commercial property against such perils as fire, theft and natural ...
  2. How RIAs Can Avoid Discrimination in Hiring

    RIAs that operate their own small businesses may have HR departments with different experience than corporations, and may ...
  3. Patrick J. Moore

    Patrick J. Moore became chairman and CEO of Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation in 2002.
  4. Pension Risk Transfer

    Pension risk transfer is when a defined benefit pension provider offloads the risk and retirement payment liabilities to ...
  5. SEC Form R31

    Securities exchanges and associations use SEC Form R31 to report transactions for determining fees due to the SEC for the ...
  6. Local Exchange Trading Systems

    Local exchange trading systems are locally organized economic organizations that allow members to participate in the exchange ...
  7. Investing Fads

    Investing fads are current popular trends that relate to investments, normally characterized by a excessive enthusiasm for ...
  8. Record High

    A record high is the highest historical price level reached by a security, commodity or index during trading.
  9. Indian School of Business (ISB)

    Indian School of Business is an international school of business located in Hyderabad, India, offering postgraduate and post-doctoral ...
  10. James E. Meade

    James E. Meade was an economist who won the 1977 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for research on international trade and ...
  11. RIAs Use Tech to Solve Small Business Woes

    The jump from working at a large institution to operating independently is easier because of technology that streamlines ...
  12. China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

    China Europe International Business School is a school of international business located in Shanghai, China.
  13. Anatolian Tiger

    Anatolian Tiger is a colloquial term that refers to several cities in central Turkey whose industrial strength has resulted ...
  14. Canadian Securities Institute (CSI)

    The Canadian Securities Institute is Canada's leading provider of professional credentials and compliance programs for the ...
  15. Samurai Market

    Samurai market is a slang term for the stock market in Japan, and the term is usually used by non-residents of Japan.
  16. Breeder's Insurance Policy

    A breeder's insurance policy provides protection against damage, theft or loss of bred animals.
  17. Start Your Own Financial Planning Firm

    Read on to learn how to make your owning a financial planning firm dream a reality.
  18. Corporate Ownership Of Life Insurance (COLI)

    Corporate ownership of life insurance or corporate-owned life insurance refers to insurance obtained and owned by a company ...
  19. Wholesale Life Insurance

    Wholesale life insurance is a type of employer-sponsored protection against the loss of income in the event the insured becomes ...
  20. Brokerage Department

    A brokerage department within an insurance company obtains insurance for difficult-to-insure customers through alternate ...
  21. Discovery Cover

    Discovery cover is an insurance policy that indemnifies the policyholder for losses during the policy period, regardless ...
  22. Credentialing Liability

    Credentialing liability refers to the responsibility that a hospital or medical facility carries for the staff practicing ...
  23. Reinsurance Ticket

    A reinsurance ticket is a notification made by an insurer, disclosing the different reinsurance contracts and terms that ...
  24. Beach Plan

    A beach plan is property insurance for coastal property owners who have a high exposure to windstorm and hail losses.
  25. Advisory Endorsement

    Advisory endorsements are adjustments to the provisions used to create an insurance policy.
  26. Contents Rate

    The contents rate is the premium required to insure the contents of a property rather than the property itself.
  27. Discovery Bond

    A discovery bond is a type of fidelity bond used to protect a business from losses caused by employees committing acts of ...
  28. Unilateral Extended Reporting Period Provision

    A unilateral extended reporting period provision allows the insured to extend the coverage period if the insurer decides ...
  29. Blended Covers

    Blended covers are a form of reinsurance that combines features of finite and convention reinsurance.
  30. Bikini Deductible

    A bikini deductible is a portion of risk, separating the primary layer and the excess layer of risk.
  31. Cumulative Collusive Excess Cover

    Cumulative collusive excess cover refers to a reinsurance contract in which losses over a predetermined limit are shared.
  32. Funding Cover

    Funding cover refers to insurance premiums held in an account in conjunction with an excess-of-loss reinsurance, which is ...
  33. Admission Board

    An admissions board comprises representatives of a particular stock exchange who determine if a company will be allowed to ...
  34. Furriers’ Customers Policy

    A furriers’ customers policy provides coverage against loss or damage to furs that are being stored by a business on behalf ...
  35. Self-Insurance

    Self-insurance involves setting aside your own money to pay for a possible losses, instead of purchasing insurance.
  36. Annual Convention Blank

    The annual convention blank is an annual report that insurance carriers must file with the state insurance commissioner. ...
  37. Franchise Cover

    Franchise cover is a type of reinsurance plan in which the claims from a number of policies are aggregated together to form ...
  38. Loss Constant

    Loss constant is an amount added to an insurance policy with a low premium designed to cover higher-than-expected loss experiences.
  39. Second Event Retention

    Second event retention is a strategy used to establish retention in an excess-of-loss reinsurance treaty.
  40. Following Reinsurer

    A following reinsurer is a reinsurance company that signs onto a reinsurance treaty, but isn't the reinsurer that negotiated ...
  41. Early Warning Tests

    Early warning tests are a series of financial ratios and other criteria used to identify insurance companies that may require ...
  42. Channeling

    Channeling is a commercial insurance policy, which insures employees and affiliated personnel under one policy.
  43. Lead Reinsurer

    The lead reinsurer is responsible for negotiating the terms and rates of a reinsurance treaty that other reinsurers participate ...
  44. Alliance of American Insurers (AAI)

    The Alliance Of American Insurers is a coalition consisting primarily of property-casualty insurance carriers.
  45. Associate In Personal Insurance (API)

    The Associate In Personal Insurance designation is earned for completing training in personal lines insurance. It is conferred ...
  46. Basic Extended Reporting Period (BERP)

    A basic extended reporting period is a reporting period extension provided to claims-made liability policyholders.
  47. Associate In Information Technology (AIT)

    Associate In Information Technology (AIT) designation is geared toward educating insurance professionals about the IT environment. ...
  48. Opaque Pricing

    Opaque pricing is a way that companies can sell their merchandise at hidden (lower) prices.
  49. Aggregate Capacity Management

    Aggregate capacity management is the process of planning and managing the overall capacity of an organization's resources.
  50. Adjustment

    Adjustment is the use of mechanisms by a central bank to influence a home currency's exchange rate.
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