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  1. Investment Bank (IB)

    An investment bank (IB) is an intermediary between securities issuers and investors, does underwriting and acts as broker/advisor ...
  2. Central Registration Depository (CRD)

    The Central Registration Depository (CRD) is a database maintained by FINRA of all firms and individuals involved in the ...
  3. Fee-Based Investment

    A fee-based investment refers to how a financial advisor is compensated, in particular, the ability to earn a commission ...
  4. Alternative Investments: A Look at the Pros & Cons

    Alternative investments are becoming popular investment vehicles for individual investors.
  5. Choosing an Advisor: Wall Street Vs. Main Street

    A high-profile name alone won't meet your investing needs. What else to look for in an advisor.
  6. Shopping for a Financial Advisor

    Finding your perfect advisor is as simple as shopping for a car. Read on to learn more.
  7. Financial Planners: Specialize in Seniors

    This demographic has all the needs to keep your financial planner firm busy year-round.
  8. Top Retirement Prep Questions to Ask Clients

    Is your client really ready for retirement? Here are some essential questions to ask.
  9. Successful Fiduciaries Put Their Oxygen Mask On First

    Part two of the blog series, “Five Disciplines of a Successful Fiduciary,” focuses on personal leadership.
  10. Advisors: Incorporating Impact Investing in Client Portfolios

    Impact investing can carry unique risks, but planning for them ahead of time can will help you incorporate these funds in ...
  11. ESG, SRI & Impact Investing: Explaining the Difference to Clients

    There are distinct differences between ESG, SRI and impact investing that clients should understand.
  12. How Much Should Clients Allocate to Impact Investing?

    Advisors can help clients make allocations to impact investments by following these four tips.
  13. How to Talk to Clients About Socially Responsible Investing

    Many clients are asking their advisors about socially responsible investing options. Here are some of the questions advisors ...
  14. Why These Are the Most Valuable Brands of 2018

    A company's brand can be worth billions of dollars. Here are the most valuable global brands in 2018.
  15. Banker or Broker: Which Career Is Right for You?

    Bankers and stock brokers may share similar traits, but there are many differences.
  16. WMCP: Modern Wealth Management Education for Advisors

    The recently introduced Wealth Management Certified Professional credential includes a research-based curriculum for advisors. ...
  17. New ETFs & Mutual Funds: Vice, ESG, Active Fixed-Income

    A weekly roundup of new ETF and mutual fund launches, from Financial Planning.
  18. 5 Best Practices for Using Housing Wealth in Retirement

    Here are five, often overlooked, ways home equity can be used as a source of retirement income.
  19. FINRA May Make it Harder for Brokers to Remove Disclosures

    Brokers may no longer be able to wipe years’ worth of disciplinary marks off their public BrokerCheck records.
  20. Bitwise Claims First Cryptocurrency Index Fund for Accredited Investors

    Bitwise launched the HOLD 10 Index―a market-cap-weighted index that tracks the largest cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ...
  21. How Advisors use Non-Traditional Financial Planning

    Hannah Moore, CFP explains why some clients require non-traditional approaches to their financial planning.
  22. The Effect of Fed Fund Rate Hikes on Gold

    Explore the historical relationship between interest rate increases and the price of gold, and consider what effect a fed ...
  23. Over a Third of Affluent Investors Don’t Have Advisors

    Financial planners aiming to grow might want to look where there aren’t many other advisors.
  24. Thanks to FANG, You're Not as Diversified as You Think

    David Winters, CEO of Wintergreen Advisors, talks FANG stocks propping up the market, value investing and why executive compensation ...
  25. Advisors: Your Value Prop Can Attract High Net Worth Clients

    Advisors looking to attract wealthy clients need to demonstrate their unique value proposition.
  26. Talking To Clients About ETF Investing

    Yes, low expense ratios matter. But simply telling clients “you’re in this because it’s cheap” may not resonate.
  27. Commodity Trader

    A commodity trader focuses on investing in physical substances like oil and gold.
  28. The 5 Biggest ETF Successes of 2017

    In 2017, ETFs attracted a record $400 billion in net inflows in less than 11 months. Here are some standouts.
  29. How to Talk to Clients About Investing in Real Estate

    When it comes to discussing real estate with clients, advisors often draw on their own hard-earned experience.
  30. Why Your Clients Need Three Index Funds, Not Just One

    Would three broad index funds outperform just one in your clients' portfolios?
  31. What Makes a Successful Fiduciary: Relationship and Service

    A strong client relationship is important, but sometimes it is not enough. To be successful, other disciplines can’t be ignored. ...
  32. Series 6

    The Series 6 is a securities license entitling the holder to register as a company's representative and sell mutual funds, ...
  33. How Alibaba's Soaring Wealth Created 10 Billionaires

    Founder Jack Ma, worth $47.4 billion, wealthier than many U.S. tech billionaires
  34. Don’t Let Student Loans Keep Clients from Buying a Home

    Millennial clients who are paying off student loans shouldn't be discouraged from buying a home.
  35. Get Ready For The Coming Bear Market and Recession

    A bullish strategist now says that stocks are in the "9th inning"
  36. Investments Combating Climate Change Are on the Rise

    Advisors can help clients find investments that match their goals for environmental sustainability.
  37. GE's Shrinking Cash Flow Signals Stock's Tragic Decline

    GE founder Edison would be shocked by the company's fall
  38. Why Amazon's Stock Is Poised To Reach New Records

    Amazon is up 50% this year and is likely to jump higher, one technical analyst says
  39. Disney Investors Suddenly Envision A Streaming Empire

    Disney's deal talks with Fox have changed many investors' image of the Magic Kingdom
  40. Wells Fargo Launches Hybrid Robo, Courting Millennials

    Wells Fargo's new hybrid robo advisor enters the digital advice space facing a number of challenges.
  41. Inverse Volatility ETFs Outperforming Volatility ETFs Despite Outflows

    Year-to-date, it’s the inverse ETFs that are riding higher among volatility funds.
  42. What Clients Don't Know About Their Estates Could Cost Them

    Your client's estate is too small to trigger federal estate taxes - but they’re not off the hook.
  43. The 4 Best S&P 500 Index Funds

    Discover detailed analysis of the best S&P 500 Index funds, and learn about their characteristics, historical statistics ...
  44. Explaining Rising Interest Rates and Real Estate to Clients

    Rising interest rates impact every aspect of buying a home, but your clients shouldn't fear them.
  45. 1987 Stock Crash, Can It Happen in 2017?

    The end of low interest rates and easy money could lead to a major market decline
  46. The Great Recession's Impact on the Housing Market

    Home buyers should heed the warnings of why the Great Recession occurred in the first place.
  47. Should You Sell Your General Electric Stock?

    General Electric shares fell to a two-year low this week, dropping to the bottom of the DJIA performance list.
  48. Long-Term Traders Are Bullish on Commodities

    Bullish chart patterns on key commodity-related ETFs suggest that the remainder of 2017 could be the best time to buy.
  49. How Wal-Mart Is Beating Amazon At Its Own Game

    Wal-Mart is growing its e-commerce business faster than Amazon
  50. The Top Performing ETFs of the Year So Far

    Call it the “Teflon” market. Nine months in, stocks have yet to see a pullback of any significance.
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Hot Definitions
  1. Gross Profit

    Gross profit is the profit a company makes after deducting the costs of making and selling its products, or the costs of ...
  2. Risk Tolerance

    The degree of variability in investment returns that an individual is willing to withstand. Risk tolerance is an important ...
  3. Donchian Channels

    A moving average indicator developed by Richard Donchian. It plots the highest high and lowest low over the last period time ...
  4. Consumer Price Index - CPI

    A measure that examines the weighted average of prices of a basket of consumer goods and services, such as transportation, ...
  5. Moving Average - MA

    A moving average (MA) is a widely used indicator in technical analysis that helps smooth out price action by filtering out ...
  6. Stop Order

    A stop order is an order to buy or sell a security when its price increases past a particular point in order to limit losses ...
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