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  1. 7 Signs Your Financial Planning Website Is Outdated

    These are seven signs that your financial planning website may need a redesign.
  2. The Evolution of Impact Investing: CAIS 2018 Summit

    Giles Gunesekera, founder and CEO of Global Impact Initiative, shares his views on the impact investing industry and where ...
  3. A2A: Ann Zuraw & Daren Blonski

    Join advisors Ann Zuraw and Daren Blonski at Schwab IMPACT as they discuss their clients' most pressing questions, their ...
  4. How To Become A Self-Taught Finance Expert

    A wealth of information is at your fingertips, and getting started is easy.
  5. What's the average salary of a financial advisor?

    Learn about average salaries for financial advisors. Explore different levels of compensation financial advisors receive ...
  6. Find Your Niche in the Financial Industry

    In this article, we'll discuss the personal characteristics, education and training you need to obtain the financial career ...
  7. Obligatory Reinsurance

    Obligatory reinsurance is when the ceding insurer agrees to send a reinsurer all policies which fit within the guidelines ...
  8. Offering

    An offering is the issue or sale of a security by a company. It is often used in reference to an initial public offering ...
  9. Associate In Research And Planning (ARP)

    Associate in research and planning (ARP) is a professional certification for completing an educational course on insurance ...
  10. Why You Shouldn't Manage Your Friends' Money

    Your pals may like your returns, but it isn't wise for you to invest their financial assets.
  11. Lost Policy Release (LPR)

    A lost policy release is a statement releasing an insurance company from its liabilities.
  12. Coinsurance Formula

    A coinsurance formula is the homeowners insurance formula that determines the amount of reimbursement that a homeowner will ...
  13. Private-Passenger Auto Insurance Policyholder Risk Profile

    Private-passenger auto insurance policyholder risk profile is an estimate of the risk an insurance company will take on by ...
  14. Aftermarket Parts

    Aftermarket parts are replacement parts that are not made by the original equipment manufacturer.
  15. Title Binder

    A title binder is a temporary form of real estate insurance coverage related to the transfer of ownership.
  16. Insurance Inflation Protection

    Insurance inflation protection is designed to allow policyholders to make sure that the benefits they receive can keep up ...
  17. Losses Incurred

    Losses incurred refers to benefits paid to policyholders during the current year, plus changes to loss reserves from the ...
  18. Loss Payee

    The loss payee is the party to whom the claim from a loss is to be paid.
  19. Net Amount at Risk

    Net amount at risk is the monetary difference between the death benefit paid by a permanent life insurance policy and the ...
  20. Underwriting Cycle

    Underwriting cycle refers to fluctuations in the insurance business over a period of time.
  21. Interest-Crediting Methods

    An interest-crediting method determines how interest changes to a fixed index annuity are measured.
  22. Creditable Coverage

    Creditable coverage is health insurance, prescription drug or another health benefit plan that meets a minimum set of qualifications.
  23. Member Month

    The member month refers to the number of individuals participating in an insurance plan each month.
  24. Financing Entity

    A financing entity is the party in a financing arrangement that provides money, property or another asset to an intermediate ...
  25. Conduit Issuer

    A conduit issuer issues municipal securities to raise capital for projects. A third party or "conduit borrower" uses funds ...
  26. Actuarial Risk

    Actuarial risks are the risks that assumptions actuaries implement into pricing models may turn out to be wrong or somewhat ...
  27. Accounts Receivable Insurance

    Accounts receivable insurance protects a company against financial losses caused by damage to its accounts receivable records.
  28. Renewable Term

    A renewable term is an insurance clause that allows the beneficiary to extend the coverage term for an additional time period ...
  29. Microinsurance

    Microinsurance products offer coverage to low-income households.
  30. Apportionment

    An apportionment is the allocation of a loss between all of the insurance companies that insure a piece of property.
  31. Corridor Deductible

    A corridor deductible is expenses paid by the insured in excess of coverage limits, but before the threshold at which additional ...
  32. State Guaranty Fund

    A state guaranty fund is administered to protect policyholders in the event that an insurance company defaults on benefit ...
  33. As Their Interests May Appear (ATIMA)

    As their interests may appear is text in an insurance policy that allows other parties to be added to the coverage.
  34. Commercial Property Insurance

    Commercial property insurance is used to cover any type of commercial property against such perils as fire, theft and natural ...
  35. Debris Removal Insurance

    Debris removal insurance is a section of a property insurance policy that provides reimbursement for clean-up costs associated ...
  36. Capital At Risk (CaR)

    Capital at risk is the amount of capital that is set aside to cover risks.
  37. Loss Portfolio Transfer

    A loss portfolio transfer is a reinsurance treaty in which an insurer cedes policies that have already incurred losses to ...
  38. Underwriting Standards

    Underwriting standards are guidelines established to ensure that safe and secure loans are issued and maintained.
  39. Directors And Officers Liability Insurance

    Directors and officers liability insurance covers you if you're sued as a result of serving as a director or officer of a ...
  40. Vanguard: Wealthy Investors Concerned With Headlines, Healthcare Costs, Diversity

    Rising healthcare costs, political strife and diversity of investments keep wealthy investors up at night too.
  41. Advisors: How to Choose the Right Factor ETFs

    Mo Haghbin of OppenheimerFunds discusses the future of factor investing with Inside ETFs CEO Matt Hougan, including building ...
  42. Prepaid Insurance

    Prepaid insurance payments are made in advance for insurance services or coverage.
  43. Vandalism And Malicious Mischief Insurance

    Vandalism and malicious mischief insurance is a type of insurance coverage that protects against losses sustained as a result ...
  44. Losses and Loss-Adjustment Expense

    Losses and loss-adjustment expense is the portion of an insurance company’s reserves set aside for unpaid losses, investigation ...
  45. Brokerage General Agent

    A brokerage general agent is an independent firm or contractor working for an insurance company that sells insurance products ...
  46. Contractual Liability Insurance

    Contractual liability insurance protects against liabilities that policyholders assume when entering into a contract.
  47. Actuarial Rate

    An actuarial rate is an estimate of the expected value of future loss.
  48. Professional Liability Insurance

    Professional liability insurance protects professionals, such as lawyers and physicians against negligence and other claims ...
  49. Buyback Deductible

    A buyback deductible allows an insured party to pay a higher premium to reduce or eliminate the deductible that would be ...
  50. Both-To-Blame Collision Clause

    A both-to-blame collision clause states that in a collision where both ships were negligent, owners and shippers must share ...
Hot Definitions
  1. Compound Interest

    Compound Interest is interest calculated on the initial principal and also on the accumulated interest of previous periods ...
  2. Income Statement

    A financial statement that measures a company's financial performance over a specific accounting period. Financial performance ...
  3. Leverage Ratio

    A leverage ratio is any one of several financial measurements that look at how much capital comes in the form of debt, or ...
  4. Annuity

    An annuity is a financial product that pays out a fixed stream of payments to an individual, primarily used as an income ...
  5. Restricted Stock Unit - RSU

    A restricted stock unit is a compensation issued by an employer to an employee in the form of company stock.
  6. Monero

    Monero is a digital currency that offers a high level of anonymity for users and their online transactions.
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