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Kiting Definition, How It Works With Checks and Securities
Facilitating Payment: Definition, Purpose, Legality, and Example
Charles Ponzi Mug Shots
High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP): Definition and Fraudulence
What Is Embezzlement, and How Does It Happen?
A shell game with the visible ball
Bait and Switch: Definition, How Strategy Works, and Tips to Avoid
Businessman Showing Client Where to Sign Document
Backdating: Definition, How It Works, Legality, and Examples
Businessmen talking in secrecy
What Is Extortion? Examples of Threats, Uses, and Legality
Cropped Hands of Businessman Bribing Female Coworker Signing Contract in Office
Corruption: Its Meaning, Type, and Real-World Example
Hands in handcuffs on a laptop
Computer Abuse: Overview, History, Examples
Businessperson analyzes market data on a tablet
What Is Corporate Fraud? Definition, Types, and Example
London skylight at night
Auctioneer with large crowd of buyers
Bid Rigging: Examples and FAQs About the Illegal Practice
Book With Words Copyright Law and Glasses
Copyright Infringement: Definition, Meaning, Example and Criteria
Double Dipping
Bidding Ring
Business building
Daisy Chain
Signing Contract
Attribution Rules: What They are, How They Work
Asset Substitution Problem
Cropped shot of female hands holding three credit cards
Bust-Out Credit Card Fraud: Definition and Impact
Headset headphones and telephone in call center
Boiler Room Definition, How It Operates, Common Scams
Stock Exchange
Full Frame Shot Of Us Paper Currenc
Financial Action Task Force (FATF): What it is, How it Works
Clerk hiding stolen money in his jacket
Lapping Scheme: How to Detect and Prevent
A businessman walking with umbrella during the storm.
Businessman in handcuffs
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)
An office tagged with evidence markers
Financial Forensics
Bribe: Meaning, Overview and Tax Treatment
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Someone in a suit using a calculator next to glasses
Accountant's Liability: What it Means, How it Works
Business building
Fraudulent Conveyance: What it is, How it Works
Financial Shenanigans
man at computer selling stocks
Circular Trading
evidence bag of U.S. money
Allen Stanford
Android and Malware
Banker Trojan
Intermarket Surveillance Group (ISG)
Halloween ghost costume for kids
A leprechaun
Leprechaun Leader
Judge's Gavel
Ginzy Trading
Ginzy Trading
mid-section of a man clicking on a mouse and typing on a laptop
Click Fraud
Business Meeting
Affinity Fraud
What Is Duress? Definition, What Qualifies, and Types
Corporate Kleptocracy
Corporate Kleptocracy
Debt Restructuring Fraud
Debt Restructuring Fraud
hacker in a hood whose face is concealed looking at a laptop whose screen is green binary numbers
Global Recovery Rate
A Courtroom in the Cuyahoga County Courthouse
First to File Rule

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