4 Careers That Are Easy to Get Into

If you are looking for a new job or career, there are industries producing many new opportunities for salespeople or skilled workers, including in medical fields, sales, construction, and home health care services.

Below are the top careers you can get into from the ground level, as well as the skills needed to start things right.

Key Takeaways

  • Sales, nursing, home health, and manufacturing are all sectors with opportunities for job seekers.
    You will need a degree to capture a high salary as a nurse.
  • Home healthcare workers often work an hourly schedule, although some are on an annual salary. 
  • Salaries in sales vary widely depending on sector and performance, but bonuses are often part of the job's appeal.

4 Careers That Are Easy To Get Into

Nurses and Skilled Nursing Assistants

We know you're probably tired of hearing how the Baby Boomers will be needing record levels of care as they age, but that's only because it's so relevant to the job market. Unlike some health professions, which may not be able to forecast just how the Obama healthcare legislation will affect supply and demand, a new crop of nurses will likely be necessary regardless of the outcome.

According to Salary.com, wages for a nurse can range from around $44,749 to $128,222 over annually.

In many of these fields, the crazier the work schedules, the more you can expect to bring home in a paycheck.

While nursing school can take years to accomplish, nursing assistants can see accreditation within months, giving those with small budgets and less time to learn new skills, which can be a viable alternative to the higher-paying registered or licensed nurse practitioner.

Nursing homes and home healthcare arrangements are often competing for these workers, sometimes offering hiring bonuses and very attractive benefits packages. Wages vary wildly and top out at around $39,000 annually.

Home Care Services

In addition to the nursing jobs that much of the aging population will help to create, there are many other in-home services that will be needed to create a culture of care for the elderly.

These jobs can include cleaning, meal preparation, and transportation services. While many national franchise companies will often offer a full suite of services from a corporate level, private local businesses will be hiring, as well. Skills needed are usually less important than having a clean background check and a desire to help others.

Sales Jobs

If you have a desire to deliver and don't mind the high-stress atmosphere of many types of sales jobs, you could see your efforts pay off in the form of big bonuses and job security.

The skills needed for a sales job vary; many of them require a heavy volume of cold calls that can seem reminiscent of door-to-door sales. Pharmaceutical, business services, advertising, and even vehicle sales are always in need of the best of the best.

While degrees may be preferred for the more technical positions, an eagerness to learn and a proven track record can waive this requirement. The salary for a salesperson will vary based on sector and performance but generally include some form of a bonus structure.

Manufacturing and Construction

There is good news for those willing to put in 10 hour days (or more) and get their hands very dirty. Manufacturing and construction jobs are continuing to hold steady, giving anyone with a desire to work hard a chance at earning a modest wage.

In addition to home construction, which tends to be highly competitive, plenty of markets are a great place to start. Those that deal in chemicals, specialized parts, and plastics are usually in need of a few good men and women workers.

The Bottom Line

These four industries are frequently seeking workers, and they are the jobs that will continue to be the backbone of the population in nearly any economic climate.

By being ready for these jobs as they open, workers will see less of a wait time between employment opportunities and an overall increase in their earning potential.

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