If you're a job seeker who is frustrated with your search for employment, take heart: you're not the only one. The national unemployment rate last month for May was 9.7%, with 15 million jobless people in the country. But if you're more of a go-getter, it might be time to drastically edit your resume and prepare yourself for a career change. While jobs may be scarce, these are the sectors that are hiring, according to the latest numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor.

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Just last month, 10,000 new jobs were added to the mining industry, the majority of them support jobs like exploration, sampling and drilling. The U.S. Bureau of Labor says there has been an increase of 50,000 jobs in this field since October 2009.

Although mining is often considered a fairly dangerous industry, wages are often much higher than similar type of work in other industries. The National Mining Association estimates that in order to replace retiring workers and to meet increasing demand, 50,000 new coal mining employees will be needed over the next 10 years. (For most office works, the only on-the-job health hazards are spilled coffee or the occasional paper cut, but there are many workers who battle fatal injuries on the job every day. Find out more in America's 10 Most Dangerous Jobs.)

Since December, factory employment has risen by 126,000, with the increase due to more orders and shipments of durable goods like computers, aircraft and machinery, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. In May, the fabricated metals products and machinery sectors added the largest number of jobs at 10,400 and 5,700 respectively. (The unemployment rate may be high, but that doesn't mean you need to sit on the sidelines. Find out which fields have the most potential in 10 Careers With Great Job Prospects.)

Temporary Help
An increase in employment numbers for temporary workers could indicate that the rest of the job market will pick up. An impressive 362,000 new jobs were created in this sector since September 2009, with 31,000 new jobs added in May. Because these are the workers who are often laid off first when a company is suffering, they are also often the first that are hired as a company prepares to bounce back. And, according to American Staffing Association, proving your value in a temporary position can often lead to a permanent job.

Over the past year, an estimated 240,000 jobs have been added to the healthcare sector at a rate of about 20,000 per month. As the baby boomer generation ages, the need for healthcare will increase, urges the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). But with registered nurses beginning to retire themselves and low enrolment in nursing schools across the country, there is a shortage of nurses in the country now. Schools, associations and the government have been working to attract more students to nursing programs.

"A sustained investment in nursing education will be critical to enhancing the availability of quality nursing care to all Americans in a reformed system," said AACN president Fay Raines. (These careers come with good salaries and prestige, but they also require a lot of education and commitment. Learn more in High-Paying Healthcare Jobs.)

After taking a hard hit in the last year, food manufacturing jobs are decreasing at a much slower rate. Despite the fact that within the last month 2,100 jobs in the industry have been lost, food manufacturing employment is expected to grow moving forward. With tips, flexible hours and few educational requirements, waiting tables could be an option, whether you're looking for a temporary position or something more permanent.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor estimates that job openings in this field will be "abundant" through to 2018. (These careers are on the way out; here are some alternatives you can switch to. Learn more in The 9 Worst Career Choices Right Now.)

Need Not Apply
If you're considering a change, choose carefully. Some sectors are continuing to see employment numbers drop dramatically. Financially-related jobs fell by 12,000 last month. Accounting and bookkeeping service jobs have also decreased by over 10,200 positions. Do you have big dreams to become an astronomer, a watch repairer or a radio operator? Good luck (and welcome to 2010), because these jobs are scarce. The bureau warns that these are the positions with the lowest employment numbers in the country.

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