Everybody is looking to gain an edge on the markets, and social media has become a key ingredient in the mix. Among social media sites, Twitter stands out as a source of news, alerts, and tips that can inform trading decisions.

Key Takeaways:

  • The most respected financial journals have Twitter feeds that follow the news, and often break it.
  • Get analyst commentary, trader chat, and more.
  • Consider using a social media dashboard app to streamline posts.

What Are the Best Investor Twitter Feeds?

In more than one instance, according to Business Insider, stories have popped up on a Twitter feed before appearing on the reporter's website. For example, the Costa Concordia disaster broke on Twitter feeds in the U.K. before it was widely reported elsewhere.

More significantly to the financial community, the news that Greece had an economic reform deal with the European Union was reported by a reputable news outlet on its Twitter feed before the news hit the wires. Business Insider was able to demonstrate, with a chart of the euro's price, how some savvy traders grabbed the chance to make money before most others got the news.

It's not easy to find that one useful tweet among millions of constantly updating feeds. Some money managers use TweetDeck or another social media dashboard app to filter their results.

Here are 10 feeds worth keeping an eye on.

1. @CNBC

The financial news network provides real-time business information to 385 million households worldwide. Its 15-hour live coverage is geared towards the individual investor as well as trading professionals.

2. @Benzinga

Benzinga provides real-time coverage of financial news, analyst upgrades and downgrades, and technical events like price breakouts or unusual volume.

3. @Stocktwits

The active trading community follows Stocktwits. Stocktwits is a real-time feed that allows investors from all over the world to post what they are seeing and how they are trading right now. The Twitter feed has highlights from those conversations.

4. @BreakoutStocks

The @BreakoutStocks Twitter feed, produced by TopBreakoutStocks.com, tracks stocks that are demonstrating unusual price or volume changes, or both.

5. @bespokeinvest

Bespoke Investment Group is a respected Wall Street research firm. You can check its website for its easy-to-read reports and follow it on Twitter for alerts to new stories.

6. @WSJmarkets

Nobody needs an introduction to The Wall Street Journal but you may not know that among its many Twitter feeds is @WSJmarkets, which provides real-time market news as it happens.

7. @Stephanie_Link

If you're a fan of Jim Cramer (@jimcramer) you'll also appreciate the contributions of Stephanie Link, former director of research for his charitable trust, Action Alerts Plus. She's a frequent contributor to CNBC and a prolific tweeter.

8. @nytimesbusiness

The New York Times business feed provides up-to-the-minute market news and other notable events. Financial news reporting is a fiercely competitive business, so having several of the best feeds is a good plan.

9. @IBDinvestors

Investors Business Daily is a respected daily publication for the individual investor. Its Twitter feed focuses on the latest new trade worthy ideas.

10. @WSJDealJournal

This is another feed from The Wall Street Journal and, if you're interested in mergers and acquisitions, this is the one for you. It includes news and commentary on private equity activities and initial public offerings as well.