Whether you're fresh out of college or mid-career, chances are you're taking a closer look at your resume. What does it really say about you - and what do the companies you've worked for do for your chances at your dream job? Some companies have that Ivy League shine to them, with a higher pedigree than others. (To find out how Ivy Leagues manage their money through the thick and thin of economic cycles, see Profitable Investing, Ivy League Style.)

Here are the seven best companies to have on your resume:

  1. Google (Nasdaq: GOOG)

This search engine king is one everyone knows - and a great name to have on your resume. Google isn't just a top name, it's also No.4 on Fortune's list of best companies to work for. With matching 401(k) benefits and a stock option program, this company shows that employees are its top asset. Engineers are given room for creativity as they can allocate 20% of their time to individual projects, which is great for job satisfaction.

Google is looking to add a whopping 1,000 jobs across the globe, in a variety of sectors like human resources, engineering and research.

  1. Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS)

At a time when the financial industry has taken on a bad reputation, despite recent controversies, Goldman Sachs has retained its pedigree status. This investment banker and securities firm prides itself on putting clients first, and by doing so, ensuring its reputation remains solid. The firm started in New York City in 1869 and now has offices across the U.S. - possibly in a city near you.

From Goldman Sachs' high standing, you would guess it only hires those with experience. Not so. The company prides itself on its rapid employee advancement, and it looks to hire all levels, from interns to experienced financial professionals.

  1. Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK.A, BRK.B)

Who doesn't know the legendary Warren Buffett? Berkshire Hathaway is his conglomerate holding company; basically, the company oversees the operation of dozens of other companies. Although Berkshire Hathaway is better known for its company holdings, it considers property and casualty insurance its primary business. (Find out how Warren Buffett went from selling soft drinks to buying up companies and making billions of dollars; see Warren Buffett: The Road To Riches.)

Jobs working directly for Berkshire Hathaway are elusive, but this holding company has many subsidiaries, from Pampered Chef and Helzberg Diamonds to its partner, GEICO Insurance. There are opportunities across the board if you're looking to affiliate your career with Berkshire Hathaway's great reputation.

  1. DreamWorks Animation (Nasdaq: DWA)

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know DreamWorks Animation and you've probably seen some of its movies, like "How to Train Your Dragon" and "Shrek Forever After" in 2010. Animators enjoy collaboration at DreamWorks, which has translated into well-known films and solid revenues, putting this company at No.6 on Fortune's list of best places to work.

Competition is stiff for jobs at this innovative movie production company, but if you have the skills, California-based DreamWorks is the place to be. To get your foot in the door, look for internship opportunities in various sectors, from movie production to marketing, accounting and HR. (Want to know more? Check out Land That Internship!)

  1. Marriott (NYSE: MAR)

It's "customers first" at Marriott, which has earned this hotel giant its stellar reputation. Who doesn't want to stay at a Marriott hotel when they're traveling? The company's attention to detail and positive attitude when it comes to customer service has not only earned it a great reputation for guests, but for employees as well. Marriott is No.82 on Fortune's list of best places to work.

If you want to add this pedigree hotel chain to your resume, look for jobs in hotel operations, from food and beverage to maintenance. Marriott is also hiring in marketing, HR and accounting, and it's looking to add 4,696 jobs this year.

6. Intel (Nasdaq: INTC)

When you think of computer chips, you probably think of Intel - and you may even hear the company's catchy jingle inside your head. Intel is one of the most recognized names in the computer industry, earning it a great reputation. After weathering the recession, the company has seen a significant upswing in business in 2010, increasing profits to $2.89 billion.

Increased profits mean the tech giant is hiring in 2010, looking to add 1,220 employees to the payroll. Intel looks for recent college grads and experienced professionals in technical fields like circuit and system design.

  1. American Express (NYSE: AXP)

Since its inception in 1850, American Express has carefully crafted the Ivy League reputation it is still known for today. Putting customer commitment, quality and integrity first, American Express is not only successful in business; it's the company to list on your resume if finance and banking is your industry.

According to Fortune, American Express is looking to hire 1,300 people in 2010; look for jobs in customer service and research analysis.

The Bottom Line

These companies are just a few of America's employers with stellar reputations; chances are you know best who excels in your sector and local area. If you're looking to add some Ivy League shine to the list of employers on your resume, remember that these companies tend to derive their reputation from business success, which means they're the first to look for great employees like you to add to their staff.

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