Fixed Income Trading

Fixed income trading involves the buying and selling of securities including government and corporate bonds. Learn the basics of those securities and how they are impacted by government and fiscal policy and other macroeconomic indicators.

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Normal Yield Curve
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Non-Marketable Security: Definition, Examples, Vs. Marketable
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Convertible Hedge
Matrix Trading
Death Put
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Brave Enough to Invest in Greek Bonds? Here's How
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Constant Proportion Debt Obligation (CPDO)
Collateralized Mortgage Obligation vs. Collateralized Bond Obligation
Modified Pass-Through Certificate
What Are Some Examples of Debt Instruments?
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Empirical Duration
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Risk-Free Asset: Definition and Examples of Asset Types
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Global Bond
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Convertible Bond Arbitrage: Definition, How It Works, Examples
Interest Rate Collar: Definition, How It Works, Example
Substitution Swap
Substitution Swap
Municipal Bond Arbitrage
Intermarket Spread Swap
Zero-Coupon Mortgage
Zero-Coupon Mortgage
Next Generation Fixed Income (NGFI)
Range Accrual
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Cashless Conversion
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What Is Portfolio Runoff? Definition, How It Works, and Examples
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Single Monthly Mortality (SMM)
Personal Loans
Stripped MBS
Assignment of Trade (AOT)
Calamity Call
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48-Hour Rule
Reverse Convertible Note (RCN)
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Dedicated Portfolio
Jumbo Pool
Jumbo Pool
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Delayed Perpetuity
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How the Money Market Hedge Works
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The Inverse Relationship Between Interest Rates and Bond Prices
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Barbell: Definition in Investing, How Strategy Works, and Example
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Calculating the Dollar Value of Basis Points in Excel
Floating Charge: Definition, How They're Used, and Example
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Commercial & Industrial Loan for Business Growth
Coupon Equivalent Rate (CER) Definition
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Yield to Maturity vs. Holding Period Return: What's the Difference?
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What Is a Basis Rate Swap? Definition, Example, and Basis Risk
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Variable Rate Demand Note: Explaining VRDNs
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What Is Debt Security? Definition, Types, and How to Invest
Swap Curve: Definition, Comparison to Yield Curve, and How to Use