Florida Real Estate School

Interactive Pre-licensing, exam prep, and law review classes

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Florida Real Estate School

Florida Real Estate School

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Florida Real Estate School offers online interactive self-paced pre-licensing real estate agent and broker courses as well as exam prep and continuing education classes. It also offers post-licensing and law review courses. The school is a good option for those who want to get their license online and work in the real estate industry in Florida.

  • Pros & Cons
  • Key Takeaways
  • Company Overview
Pros & Cons
  • Choice of online class packages

  • Student resources on the site

  • Free demo pre-licensing class

  • No campus locations

  • No mobile app

  • Only offered in Florida

Key Takeaways
  • Florida Real Estate School offers real estate pre-licensing courses for salespeople and brokers.
  • Continuing education classes and post-licensing courses are available.
  • Florida salesperson licensing course packages start at $179.99. 
Company Overview

Florida Real Estate School (also known as FRES) was founded in 2004 with the purpose of teaching high-quality real estate courses with the convenience of an online platform. Its goal is to give students the freedom and flexibility of learning at their own pace in an environment that is comfortable for them. Each course includes 24/7 access to instructors and the school boasts of a 90% exam pass rate as of January 2023.

Courses are offered solely in Florida but the school is not ARELLO or IDECC accredited, meaning that neither institution gave its seal of approval to the school for its online learning programs. However, all courses given by Florida Real Estate School meet the Florida real estate licensing requirements. The company has positive overall reviews from former students on its website.

  • Year Founded 2004
  • Kinds of Courses Prelicensing, continuing education, exam prep, post-licensing, and law review classes
  • Number of States Where Courses Are Offered 1
  • Price $179.99+ for pre-licensing package
  • Contact Email and telephone: contact@floridarealestateschool.com; 305-653-8002
  • Official Website www.floridarealestateschool.com
Florida Real Estate School

Florida Real Estate School

overall rating

Florida Real Estate School is not one of our top-rated online real estate schools. You can review our list of the best online real estate schools for what we think are better options.

Florida Real Estate School is an entirely online real estate school that offers self-paced real estate classes taught by instructors via video. Its goal is to offer a quality education to students that works around their busy schedules. Once you sign up, you get immediate access to your course and can stop and start it as often as you like. You also get 24/7 access to instructors for support throughout your course. 

The Florida real estate market is very unique. Retail prices fluctuate with the market and about 70% of owner-occupied homes are part of some type of homeowners association, so real estate classes can teach you about some of the state’s nuances.

Pros Explained

  • Choice of online class packages: Choose from three agent pre-licensing course packages and two broker packages. All are taught online and include progress quizzes.
  • Student resources on the site: You can check out the steps to getting your real estate license as well as a real estate terms glossary, FAQs, and a course selection guide. 
  • Free demo pre-licensing class: Take a free demo of a pre-licensing course to see if the format works for you before purchasing the course. 

Cons Explained

  • No campus locations: The school is completely online so there aren’t any chances to interact with students and instructors in person on campus. This format doesn’t work for everyone. 
  • No mobile app: The school doesn’t offer a mobile app so it isn’t as easy to take the course on the go from your phone or tablet. 
  • Only offered in Florida: All of the courses are for current and aspiring Florida real estate professionals. You will need to consider another school if you want to work in a different state. 

All About Real Estate Agents and What They Do

Available Courses

Florida Real Estate School offers pre-licensing real estate agent courses, pre-licensing courses for brokers, exam prep, and continuing education classes and is certified by the Florida Real Estate Commission. All classes are offered online for real estate professionals working or planning to work in Florida. There are three real estate agent pre-licensing course packages to choose from and two broker packages. In addition, there are post-licensing courses for sales associates (agents) and brokers. These courses are required for new agents and brokers prior to renewing their license for the first time. 

Florida Real Estate School also offers a mutual recognition law class which is a law review class for sales associates and brokers who hold licenses in one of the mutual recognition states. Completion of the class allows them to get a Florida real estate license without taking all of the otherwise required pre-licensing classes. 

Salesperson Pre-Licensing

Salesperson pre-licensing courses are offered completely online in a self-paced interactive format that comes with audiovisual presentations. There are three sales associate packages to choose from which all satisfy the required 63 hours of educational material. Packages range from $179.99 to $359.99. Unlimited free course re-enrollments are included with each package as well as live dedicated instructor support 24/7 by phone and email. You have two attempts to pass the end-of-course exam before you need to retake the course. Each package also includes state licensing process guidance, progress quizzes, and a practice exam.

The second tiered package includes everything mentioned above plus digital flashcards, an exam prep course, and a math e-book. You also get an additional six months to finish the course (for a total of 12 months enrollment time). Lastly, the top tier package includes all the benefits from the middle tier plus unlimited end-of-course exam attempts. 

Supplemental textbooks are available to purchase separately and include a hard copy textbook, audio review files, an exam manual with 500 practice questions, and a real estate math book. 

Exam Prep

Florida Real Estate School offers an exam prep course for $124.95, suitable for both aspiring real estate agents and brokers. The class is online and includes digital flashcards and practice questions with detailed answers. 

Continuing Education

Florida Real Estate School offers continuing education classes for real estate agents and brokers. The school offers a 14-hour continuing education course that includes a fully narrated interactive online course for brokers and sales associates. Topics include real estate law, ethics, and specialty courses. You have 12 months of enrollment to complete the course and once complete it is automatically reported to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). This class is $38.95. 

You can also take a four-hour escrow continuing education course for $99 which satisfies state requirements for escrow violations. Lastly, there is a reactivation continuing education class that includes 28 hours of instruction and is $99.95. 

Other Courses

In addition to the standard pre-licensing and continuing education courses, Florida Real Estate School also offers a course on mutual recognition of the law. It’s a review course of aspects of the law pertaining to Florida real estate. It’s designed for students who already have either a real estate associate or a real estate broker’s license in one of the mutually recognizable states. There are 10 states and they include Rhode Island and Georgia. The DBPR website lists all the other states. 

This course is fully narrated and interactive. It is designed to prepare you for the 40-question Florida Mutual Recognition Law Exam. 

Course Format

All courses at Florida Real Estate School are offered online with instructor-led video narration that can be taken anytime and paused and restarted as often as necessary. The courses are set up as an immersive learning experience to encourage stronger retention rates and just make the courses less boring. Course formats are meant to be intuitive, flexible, and comprehensive. The school offers courses, glossaries of common real estate terms, real estate math problems, quizzes, and practice tests. 


Each class comes with 24/7 instructor support which can be via email or over the phone.


Florida Real Estate School has a strong reputation as an online school with overall positive student reviews and high exam passage rates (90%) as well as mostly positive reviews from third-party sites. Students note that they like the flexible class formats, the easy-to-navigate website, and how quickly they can get questions answered from instructors and from the website. 


Florida Real Estate School offers affordable online courses for current and aspiring real estate agents and real estate brokers. Continuing education classes cost between $38.95 and $99.95. Exam prep courses range from $39.95 to $99.95. Pre-licensure agent packages range from $179.99 to $359.99 and pre-licensure broker packages range from $275 to $349. Post-licensing classes cost $144 for real estate agents and $165 to $298 for brokers. 

Customer Service 

You can reach customer service at FloridaReal Estate School on their website www.floridarealestateschool.com or by phone at 1-305-653-8002. The school has customer service agents answering the phones Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. You can also find the answer to one of your questions on their site, through FAQs, and by using the chatbot.

Competition: Florida Real Estate School vs. Kaplan

Kaplan is an IDECC and ARELLO accredited online real estate school, as well as an online education provider of hundreds of other topics and disciplines. It has a positive industry reputation and offers real estate classes through itself and its partners in all 50 states. Its class formats are online through on-demand and live streaming. 

We compared Kaplan with Florida Real Estate School because both schools offer classes entirely online, offer real estate agent and broker classes, as well as exam prep and continuing education, and offer courses in Florida.  

Overall, we recommend choosing Kaplan because it offers a larger variety of courses, has two formats to choose from depending on what learning style works better for you, and offers real estate classes nationwide.

  Florida Real Estate School Kaplan 
Pricing $179.99+ for pre-licensing in Florida $249+ for pre-licensing in Florida
Courses Offered  Real estate licensing continuing ed, exam prep, and a law review course  Real estate licensing, exam prep, continuing ed, and more 
Number of States Courses are Offered  50 
Course format  Self-paced online  Live online and on-demand 
Final Verdict

Florida Real Estate School is a viable option if you’re interested in attending online real estate courses at your own pace with the intention of working in Florida. It is priced on the lower end of what other schools charge. Some of its positive attributes include a history of more than 15 years in business, 24/7 instructor support, and helpful resources including glossary terms and FAQs. However, it only offers courses in Florida, which is an issue for anyone who wants to become licensed in states other than Florida.

Our Methodology: How We Review Real Estate Schools

We review real estate schools with a quantitative approach in mind. We research and analyze numerous aspects of each provider. Some of the things that we consider include costs, course formats, accreditation, and student reviews. We also look at the overall reputation of the provider, geographic areas that courses are offered in, and instructor qualifications, as well as site navigation, and additional student resources.

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