Foodies Unite: Capital One Announces Launch of Capital One Dining

The program provides cardholders with access to exclusive reservations and more

Capital One has announced its plan to launch a dining program for its foodie cardholders in March. Capital One Dining will make it possible for eligible cardholders to get exclusive reservations at some of the top restaurants in the country.

Key Takeaways

  • Capital One plans to launch Capital One Dining in March 2022.
  • The program will make it easier for cardholders to find hundreds of award-winning restaurants in select cities.
  • The program will be available only on three Capital One credit cards.

Capital One Sets the Dining Scene

Dining has become an increasingly popular category for bonus cash back, points and miles. But now, Capital One has raised the stakes with Capital One Dining.

The program offers access to exclusive reservations to more than 350 restaurants across 11 U.S. cities, including Michelin-starred restaurants like minibar in Washington, D.C., and Odo, a New York City Japanese restaurant that holds only 14 seats.

The program can help both travelers and locals find award-winning restaurants without needing to sift through hundreds or even thousands of options and reserve a table directly from your online account or the Capital One mobile app. You can also add dietary preferences and other special notes to your profile, which will be relayed to the restaurants when you book a table.

Cardholders will also get access to special culinary events and food festivals, including Taste America by the James Beard Foundation, Michelin Guide and Capital One Destination Dining Series and South Beach Wine and Food Festival.

You can take advantage of Capital One Dining if you have one of the following rewards credit cards:

If you're considering one of the three cards, note that the Capital One Savor also offers 4% cash back on dining, among other bonus rewards rates. That said, be sure to compare the rewards and benefits of all three cards to determine the best fit for you.

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