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  1. Tether Hack: Cryptocurrency Worth $31 Million Stolen

    November 21, 2017
    Bitcoin falls after the supplier of the world’s nineteenth-most valuable virtual currency reports a $31 million theft.
  2. U.S. Jobs Data Key for a Lacklustre Dollar

    November 3, 2017
    The dollar drifted sideways on Friday after a week of losses, as markets waited for U.S. jobs data to shake the currency ...
  3. Dollar Bulls Have Something to Look Forward to

    October 27, 2017
    After a steady slide, it looks like the U.S. dollar is poised to bounce back.
  4. Dollar Inches Lower as Attention Turns to Fed Leadership

    October 24, 2017
    The dollar edged down on Tuesday, stepping back from recent highs as market attention turns to who will be the next head ...
  5. Expect Bitcoin to Fall Before it Rises Again

    October 19, 2017
    Technical signs point to a deeper pullback before the bull trend resumes.
  6. Dollar Strengthens on Talk of More Hawkish Fed Chair

    October 17, 2017
    The dollar strengthened to a one-week high against a basket of major currencies on Tuesday, supported by a rise in Treasury ...
  1. Paper Money

    The physical notes or currency of a country that is used as a medium of exchange is known as paper money.
  2. M0

    The term M0 is a measure of the money supply which combines any liquid or cash assets held within a central bank and the ...
  3. USD/CAD (U.S. Dollar/Canadian Dollar)

    Colloquially known as the loonie, USD/CAD is the abbreviation of the U.S. dollar and Canadian dollar cross rate.
  4. Currency Arbitrage

    Currency arbitrage is the act of buying and selling currencies instantaneously for a risk less profit.
  5. Petrodollars

    Petrodollars is defined as the U.S. dollars earned from the sale of oil.
  6. Forex Market Hours

    Forex hours refers to the time when participants in the $5 trillion market are able to transact.
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