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  1. Government Paper

    Government Paper are debt securities that are issued or guaranteed by a sovereign government.
  2. How often do exchange rates fluctuate?

    Learn how exchange rates fluctuate. Exchange rates float freely against one another, which means they are in constant fluctuation. ...
  3. Greek Drachma

    The Greek Drachma is the former basic unit of currency in Greece. The Greek Drachma was an ancient currency unit used in ...
  4. Strategies for part-time forex traders

    Learn strategies for part-time forex traders to profit even with an inconsistent trading schedule. Find the information you ...
  5. What is the value of one pip, and why are pips different between currency pairs?

    Pips relate to the smallest price moves of foreign exchange rates. This differs from currency pairs such as EUR/USD, which ...
  6. Government Broker

    A government broker is a British stockbroker who works for the U.K. government and purchases and sells government securities ...
  7. The forex 3-session system

    Market hours for Tokyo, London and New York comprise the three trading sessions that determine volatility peaks. Find out ...
  8. How does the balance of payments impact currency exchange rates?

    Take a brief look at the relationship between a nation's balance of payments and the exchange rate value of its currency ...
  9. Forex leverage: A double-edged sword

    Find out how leverage, a flexible and customizable tool, magnifies both gains and losses in the forex markets.
  10. How do I convert one type of currency to another, such as dollars to pounds?

    Currency can be converted through online exchanges or manually, but you must look up the rate with an online calculator or ...
  11. Dead Presidents

    Slang referring to U.S. paper currency
  12. French Franc - F

    The French Franc was a currency used in France, prior to the introduction of the euro.
  13. Shogun Bond

    A Shogun Bond is a bond issued in Japan by a foreign entity in a currency other than the yen.
  14. Transfer Risk

    Transfer risk is the threat a local currency cannot be converted into a local currency owing to specific restrictions or ...
  15. Restricted Market

    A restricted market is one where trading of a nation’s currency is controlled to maintain a specific value which may not ...
  16. Eurocheck

    A Eurocheck was an alternative to the traveler's check. The Eurocheck was issued by a European bank and available in a number ...
  17. 6 factors that influence exchange rates

    Here, you'll get in-depth look at out how a currency's relative value reflects a country's economic health and impacts your ...
  18. Deflation

    Deflation is the general decline in prices for goods and services occurring when the inflation rate falls below 0%.
  19. Currency Internationalization

    Currency internationalization is the widespread use of a currency outside its original country of issue, including for transactions ...
  20. NAB Business Confidence Index

    The NAB Business Confidence Index is the key measure of business confidence in Australia, published monthly and quarterly ...
  21. Euroyen

    Euroyen are Japanese yen-denominated deposits held in banks outside Japan, which are also referred to as offshore yen.
  22. Dayrate Volatility

    Dayrate volatility is the amount of fluctuation of contracted prices for oil and gas drilling over a period of time.
  23. Canadian Dollar - CAD

    The Canadian dollar (CAD) is the national currency of Canada.
  24. Eurocredit

    Eurocredit is a loan whose denominated currency is not the lending bank's national currency.
  25. European Central Bank - ECB

    The European Central Bank is thcentral bank responsible for the monetary system of the euro currency area.
  26. Euro Notes

    Euro notes are legal tender in the form of a banknote that can be used in exchange for goods and services in the eurozone. ...
  27. Treasury International Capital - TIC

    Treasury International Capital is an economic indicator that tracks cross-border portfolio flows and positions between U.S. ...
  28. Why doesn't England use the euro?

    Understand why the United Kingdom has opted to not join the eurozone in adopting the euro over the pound sterling as its ...
  29. International Foreign Exchange Master Agreement - IFEMA

    An International Foreign Exchange Master Agreement is a standardized agreement between two parties for the spot and forward ...
  30. Legal Tender

    Any official medium of payment recognized by law that can be used to extinguish a public or private debt, or meet a financial ...
  31. EUR

    EUR is the currency code used to represent the euro, the official currency for more than half of the 28 members of the European ...
  32. Balanced Trade

    Balanced trade is an economic model under which countries engage in even reciprocal trade patterns and do not run significant ...
  33. Reservable Deposit

    A reservable deposit is a deposit subject to reserve requirements, which includes transaction accounts, savings accounts ...
  34. Tobin Tax

    The Tobin tax is a tax on spot currency conversions that was originally proposed with the intention of penalizing short-term ...
  35. Forward Commitment

    A forward commitment is an agreement between two parties to carry out a transaction in the future.
  36. Flow Derivative

    A flow derivative is a directional trading position that has been packaged as a tradable security.
  37. Fed Speak

    Fed speak is a phrase used to describe former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan's tendency to make wordy statements ...
  38. Cross-Currency Transaction

    A cross-currency transaction is one which involves the simultaneous buying and selling of two or more currencies to exploit ...
  39. Long The Basis

    Long the basis is the practice of purchasing a commodity and then hedging that position by selling futures contracts on the ...
  40. What is Money?

    Money: It's a part of everyone's life, and we all want it, but what is it, how does it gain value, and how it was created?
  41. Transferable Underwriting Facility (TRUF)

    A transferable underwriting facility is a type of underwriting facility that deals in Euro notes.
  42. Monetary Union Index of Consumer Prices - MUICP

    The Monetary Union Index of Consumer Prices (MUICP) is an aggregate measure of consumer inflation for all countries located ...
  43. Special Purchase and Resale Agreement - SPRA

    A Special Purchase and Resale Agreement is an open market operation used by the Bank of Canada to help target interest rates.
  44. Cash Delivery

    Cash delivery is the settlement between the parties of a futures or options contract without delivery of an underlying asset ...
  45. Forex Charts

    A charting package that allows a trader to view historical currency exchange rates.
  46. Commodity Block Currency

    A commodity block currency is a currency whose value is closely tied to the price of a specific commodity, such as oil.
  47. Copey

    Copey is a slang term referring to the Danish krone, Denmark's official currency, which derives its name from Denmark's capital, ...
  48. Forex Trading Robot

    A forex trading robot is an automated software program that helps traders determine whether to buy or sell a currency pair ...
  49. George Soros

    George Soros is a famous hedge fund manager who is widely considered to be one of the world's greatest investors.
  50. Uneconomic Growth

    Uneconomic is economic growth which produces negative environmental and social consequences that make it unsustainable.
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