Futures & Commodities Trading

Most commodity trading is done through futures, but there are also financial futures on stocks, interest rates, currencies and metals.
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Commitments of Traders Report (COT)
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How to Use Index Futures
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A Quick Guide for Futures Quotes
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Commodity Swap Definition
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Analyzing the 5 Most Liquid Commodity Futures
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Association of Futures Brokers And Dealers (AFBD)
What Is the Last Trading Day?
Signing Contract
Spot Delivery Month Definition
Spot Commodity Definition
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Delivery Option
Lock Limit Definition and Example
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Commercial Hedger Definition
Delivery Notice Definition
What Is an Against Actual Transaction?
Delivery Point Definition
Futures Spread
Why do companies enter into futures contracts?
Forward Spread Definition
Tips for Getting Into Futures Trading
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Futures Exchange Definition
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The Benefits of Short Selling Futures vs. Stocks
What Is Forward Delivery?
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What Are Back Months in the Commodity Futures Market?
What Is an Outright Futures Position?
What Is a Commercial Trader?
Non-Commercial Trader Definition
What Is Full Carry in the Futures Market?
Commodity Pool
Futures Strip Definition
Visible Supply Definition
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Inland Bill of Lading
Warehouse Receipt
Domestic Box Office Receipt (DBOR) Futures Contracts Definition
Basis Grade
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What Is Futures Equivalent?
Carrying Charge Market Definition
Grading Certificate Definition
Booking the Basis Definition and Example
Invisible Supply
Minimum Price Contract
International Commodities Clearing House (ICCH)
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Cash Contract Definition
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Delivery Price
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Australian Future Fund
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Contract Unit
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Terminal Elevator
Delivery Instrument Definition
Current Delivery Definition
How The Price Of Stock Futures Is Calculated
What Derivatives are Types of Forward Commitments?
What is the history of futures?
Forward Rate vs. Spot Rate: What's the Difference?
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What's the Difference Between Contango and Normal Backwardation?
Buying On Margin Definition
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What Is a Renewable Resource?
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What Is Initial Margin?
Hedging vs. Speculation: What's the Difference?